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  1. Same as the title says. Also buying hit Iron Faust, Mats, etc
  2. Is the Samurai Armor still available?
  3. Can I order a stack of Luck mats, a stack of power mats, and a stack of hp mats. Ill pay in DTs
  4. Buying both, send me a dm with the price and Ill let you know asap. On Friday morning (us central time) Ill pick the best offers and buy a few of each. Thanks in advance!
  5. My Gods guys XD Yall turned my buying thread into a comedy sketch! Gotta say, I laughed sooooo hard lol. Whats wrong with guy Lewds as long as they arent nude =3 Anyway, still looking for a pgf! I cant play really right now since im somewhere without stable internet and wont be back stateside until almost February so welllll after the event.
  6. Paying 200dts for pgf and price for LK depends on how much hit Also considering buying a DM (incomplete only, so no maxed ones. Way too expensive)
  7. All in the title. Looking for a good priced dm. Hmu
  8. I only have 5 left, can you do 5?
  9. I need 300 pow mats 70 luck mats 99hp mats Godrics Cloak Samurai Armor SJS blue black stone lvl 15-30 resta/gifoi,razonde, gibarta Master sword red ring PM me for info
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