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  1. Yo, do you still have a Blood sword or a soul booster for sale?

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      I can sell u a soul booster he gave it to me.

  2. Talk to me about your psycho raven. and your glide divine. How much for them together?

  3. Fyre I love you. Legit.
  4. Please dont let this be trolls >.<
  5. How many of those photon boosters did ya get?
  6. Epicness! Are there links to images of the new items? =(^_^)=
  7. Okay, the very last time Im asking this question forever lmfao I get different answers every time and im ready for the worst, but is the TypeSW/Jsword unobtainable in ultima?
  8. "Suprise me lol"

  9. If there IS a new sword,Slicer, misc. sexy bladed weapon being made for the server, all I ask is that it is class unlocked. I play four characters of three different classes and two different races (human/android) Problem is, I play them all CONSISTENTLY. So suddenly being stuck in the mud without a universal weapon really does bite me in the bum. Of course I have my Ultima Reaper, but to be honest, I would like something different. I was actually never a huge fan of Partisans in the first place because the animation looks rather...unfluid and uncomfortable lol I prefer the flowing beautiful swings of a full sword. Hell, If I wasnt aware of the absolutely MONUMENTAL amount of work it would require, I would ask for an entirely new attack animation for the partisans (blame my love of wuxia) But as for this, can we just be thankful that yet another amazing new CUSTOM item or CUSTOMIZATION of an item that exists NOWHERE BLOODY ELSE is going to make our way to the server?
  10. How much for your ultima reaper?

    1. yanvbraz


      I don't remember selling Ultima Reaper :S

  11. Im interested in your ultima reaper and 99mind mats. How many dts for both?

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    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      ok let me get ingame

    3. Markeivan Magus

      Markeivan Magus

      KK just make a room called Sky trade, Ill be there shortly

    4. Ricardo Gomes
  12. I dont see the Samurai Armor or the TypeSW/J-Sword on the donation list. Are they not obtainable?
  13. Im toying with the idea....of making a new team. Seraphim is toast, I need more than Rayven to run a team. Nobody say," go for it!" unless your arse is willing to be at my house every single sunday, and any other day we need. Unless you are willing to make the sacrifice of blood sweat and tears, to forge something great. My father and his sensei represent the byakko....the White Tigers. THAT was given by bloodrite. But my brothers and sisters, let us forge together our own branch. Let us brin...

  14. Ive fallen out of practice. My bushido has become currupted by complacancy. Starting now i will fast, abstain and train. I have a chance for a job saturday, God willing. Either way I refuse to become a rusted blade.