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  1. S> Glide V.00 and Hylian shield. Send me PMs with offers :D

  2. B> PR or PCrystal

  3. Ah, understood. Thanksu for the reply (sorry, post so long that I missed bits here and there while skimming)
  4. Mmm just question, I don't recall SogeKing or Sabrina being "rich and abuse by taking advantage of the system". If anything I thought SogeKing hunts for stuff and Sabrina is victim of the system too. Are there episodes that happened in the past or something? D:
  5. Ellloooooo
  6. a fellow Pikachu-buddy
  7. S> Glide divine ver.00 :D

    1. HHawk4


      I'd give you my soul for it :onion-head24:

  8. B> Halo Rappy souls

    1. HHawk4


      Someone sell yuria these D:

    2. Dirtybb


      Got some, tell me if always interested

  9. B> Halo Rappy Souls D:

  10. Eyyy Congratzuuu
  11. Happy Birthday Soly-senpai ^^ 良い日に成ります様に。

  12. Happy Birthday Saith-sama and Griff-kun ^^

  13. Happy Birthday Cy-chan! :D

    1. Cyane


      Thank you pikapika!

      You chuu my heart!

  14. B> Soul Booster :3

  15. B> Cent/Battle D: (May reply late... like Monday late... cuz out of town)