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  1. The 75H le cogneur has been reserved via pm The 55H le cogneur is still available as an alternative you can have it for 2 dts. The Yunchang is available when can you get on?
  2. rashan0121


    Selling stuff for DTS only Hundred Souls [100/0/100/0|80] SOLD Rianov 303SNR-5 +20 [0/100/0/100|80] SOLD TypeME/Mechgun +30 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] SOLD Le Cogneur [40/0/30/0|75] [no special] SOLD Le Cogneur [0/30/0/30|55] [no special] 4 dts Yunchang [0/0/0/60|50] 4 dts Last Swan +9 [45/0/0/40|40] SOLD Slicer of Vengeance [0/0/70/70|80] SOLD Serene Swan [0/15/0/30|0] 5 dts Psycho black Crystal 12 dts Psycho black Crystal 12 dts Soul Booster 5 dts Soul Booster 5 dts
  3. can you edit the monster name or the location please? which one is correct
  4. NYC - Del Lilly - Skyly - Tower - ULT EP2
  5. Not sure if we can link to other sources for information so ill just copy and paste the info here:
  6. L&K38 Combat +25 0/0/0/0|40 - 35pds ill buy this please
  7. This is a quest reward from mop up 4 episode 4 in ultimate. You could just complete the quest to get it for free. Its 1 per character slot.
  8. rashan0121


    ill buy your photon booster please 40 pds
  9. This is the song Stan Lee heard on his way to the pearly gates for sure
  10. @R-78Its not just the nerf that I quit over. I have played psobb on and off since 2005/6. Both me and Shoutgu were going to quit playing this game after going through and perfecting the ultima time attack records. However with quest developers changing the version of the quests after a it gets beaten too easily in their opinion by 1% of the player base (because not everyone is steamrolling these quests and you forget that), and adjusting stats for weapons its pointless in trying to time attack because you cannot have a consistent record due to there not being a level playing field or consistent environment. Therefore in order to level things out, our records get reset every time a weapon that was used during the record run gets nerfed or a quest gets adjusted. It just isn't practical and I am bored of playing the game in the casual way. Plus like I stated before the server admins rash decisions, going back on their word, lateness (which I can deal with but gets mentioned none the less) followed by lack of communication, do not sit well with me having played on Schtserv Prior to this, and seeing that decline due to similar issues. Larva in one topic said the weapon would be left alone. Immediately after that I traded my pgf away to @C01D1 for some items and dts, in order to to do two things: 1) Help them out after suffering for years of failed pgf hunts, (which me, starlord and wilson discussed possibly donating a pgf to said individual if this trend continued) again due to a cash grab situation which fair enough... you have a family to feed and everyone likes a little side hustle. 2) I then sold some of the said items that I didn't need for dts and upgraded my hard earned SS to 0/0/100/100/80. All of this was done on the basis that @Larva the server admin gave his word that he was not going to change the weapon. With this news we formed our TA team again and started beating records again only to have another topic created by @Lipelis, which started off all the bitching again and led to the Nerf. Now like I stated before, this is not something that is going to be reimbursed by you guys which I accept. I don't agree with the the way the situation was handled just like similar situations before but this time will be the last time for me. People who play this game outside of time attack reasons aren't really affected in the same way by these changes so I don't expect most people to see or agree with my methods of thinking. Now that you have been addressed @R-78 who really I expected better from, I will now move on to address some points. Most of the people here have become toxic. There is not 1 day that goes by where you don't see Emewn vs Triforce, Starlord vs Triforce etc etc and @mudkipzjm the team whore (because he is in every team) at the centre of it all but trying to play innocent. @Emewn I am not having a go at you so don't take this in the wrong way I am just pointing out what I see. Not all of the time are you in the wrong or deserve as much hate as you receive. (watch how many dislikes my post will get from Triforce because of this 1 comment just to prove my point ) but sometimes you make a very valid point but then somewhere in your post you say something really annoying. you may or may not know that you are doing this but I think this is what some people may dislike you for. That is how you are supposed to constructively criticise by the way folks. I'm no angel myself, but at least my BS rarely pops up. Maybe once every few months I have an outburst because I have a strong opinion about something legitimately and not trying to grief for shits and giggles. I get censored for saying stuff that in todays day and age is not considered politically correct (but in mine and many other mainstream beliefs it is correct but we must take the back seat), but like someone else had pointed out before, you have people talking about nasty shit like dads raping and molesting and all sorts of perverse shit that goes unpunished. Its backwards if you ask me. I previously played on Schtserv under a different name TMhav0k and was part of a very toxic environment there. I was invited here and used a different nickname and a different approach. This place is headed in the same direction as the place I left so... more reason to hang up this old cloak. I mean evidence of this is people arguing in my goodbye topic and not even saying bye and getting it locked before I got home from work and could reply to anyone who was there for legitimate reasons but whatever... what is done is done. I said my goodbyes to anyone I missed out on discord. @Triforce members, this is in no way a running you completely down post either, as I enjoyed my time fully that I spent with you. Especially all the technical discussions we had. Maybe my mentality is different as growing up in the hood, as men even when you argue or fight you supposed to shake hands at the end of the day and keep it moving rather than bitching daily. Yea I know you cant physically fight someone online and have one person lose and get their humbling but still. I can only use the examples I have been in and live by. @Soly Thanks for your work and effort and staying neutral during my time here. There is only 1 constructive thing I can say to you tbh. Don't hide behind the excuse of it cant be done if it can be done. You should actually tell people what the difficult obstacle is so that they can have their input and perhaps help you overcome the issue at hand. You would be surprised at how many geniuses there are lurking on these forums, that don't say much due to the drama.
  11. You implement a good item then nerf it to the ground and rinse and rinse and repeat. I traded a pgf in order to obtain enough points for upgrading just to have @Larva acting like a woman and making emotional decisions. No changelog no nothing no mention of reinbursment...just this is my decision and deal with it. Starting to feel like schtserv all over again. And with that said im retiring from pso. Big shout out to my TA team for holdin it down @Shoutgu, @Starlord, @HUNTER_, @Noob Saibot, @willy and my cmode regulars @duja1001, @BoomShakaLarka, @RocketTots. It was a good run while it lasted. No doubt this will get sensored or deketed as per usual since you arent allowed an opinion here and the world has gone soft. Goodbye.
  12. This point here is what I find annoying. Nobody is forcing anyone to play as Hucast. You could easily use the same weapon on any other class and be relevant I think you should post a video of SS in action in something like R-78 new quest. That range means nothing without enemies being stunned / frozen. yeah you might be able to 1v1 a meri but we all know that that isn't even a realistic scenario. Also why dont you compare how many shots it takes to kill the same enemy with the other hunter classes? with maxed ata atp luck??? Im pretty sure its 1 less bullet fired.... It's not just about refunding the dts spent on this weapon to max its stats though? What if you traded something of high value in order to obtain the right ammount of dts to max out SS stats, whereas you would not have traded If the weapon didnt exist in the first place? Are you going to be reinbursing for that? I dont think you have even thought that far. Just leave the damn thing as it is. The 5 people that think it should get nerfed can bank their SS and use something else. Between hucast and hucaseal its 1 bullets difference using the scenario from the video and that is still 2 combos... what is the damn issue? I dont understand how a topic can resurface and trigger you when you stated you were not going to do anything.
  13. You should install the floor reader addon then you can see what drops
  14. ffs stop looking at the weapons and complaining.. The real issue at hand that nobody is addressing is that all the **** **** in this ***** want all hunters to have the same stats, all rangers to have the same stats and all forces to have the same stats. forget races forget genders. my opinion > ************* lmao
  15. ill sell you one for 11 dts. Its called Guardian angel
  16. whilst the event is running try getting a serene swan
  17. ok let me know when you can get on sure thing bro
  18. ok im on now if you wanna trade
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