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    Celestica(FOmarl) Lv200, Genesis-(RAmarl) Lv200, Panda(FOnewearl) Lv200, Empath-(RAmar) Lv200, Char(RAmarl)Lv200, Flume(RAcaseal) Lv200, Dreamer(FOnewman) Lv199, Elle(HUnewearl) Lv178, Bunny(HUnewearl) Lv156, Telepath=(FOmar)Lv100, Galantis(RAcast) Lv171, Kaskade(HUcaseal) Lv100, Glass(FOmarl)Lv116
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  1. Remember folks, always disable comments for sales threads to avoid drama. :cr-dunno:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rayblasterx


      Do not yield to the filthy price police my children. Carry forth with open sell topics and be not afraid for I am with thee. dw 3:16

    3. JanenbaDMS
    4. thelionorion


      dw is worth everything that is, everything that ever will be, and everything that has ever been

  2. Wait... so which of these were from Normal Eggs and which from Ultimate?
  3. enemy?
  4. I wish I had friends who smoked weed(even tho I don't smoke myself lol), that way I'd actually have an excuse to go out to SF today. Oh well, stay in and drink some beers it is. Have a happy and safe 4/20 everyone!

  5. Mode? I already confirmed oran ult eclair drops vol opt shield
  6. it could possibly drop from Yellowboze ult dorphan eclair... its the last unconfirmed eclair drop of all the ids
  7. not yet :/
  8. For starters, since you're Greenill, you could hunt power materials(100 should do it for RAcast) from hildeblues in normal difficulty(theyre rate is really easy 7/8). Also, since x5exp is on, you could join people's ultimate CCA rooms to grind exp(500,000+ exp per run including the boss fight).
  9. S/T>Arrest Needle 40/0/45/0|65 wants:hylian,min rr,psycho wands,merc rods,adepts,dts pm me

    Edited by CCastles93
  10. s/t>heavenstriker n/d -->