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  1. S>Lindcray 0/0/45/50|0 11 dts pm me

  2. Oran Melqueek ult ep1- kroes sweater confirmed
  3. Heavnly/TP Chaos Sorceror Viridia VH ep1
  4. Just spent the past hour or so trying to configure my vga/hdmi settings from my pc to my tv monitor and failed. Windows 10 is the bane of my existence @_@

  5. Shots@8am, this is when you know you've made it. -that or this is when you know things have gone downhill. Anyway no PSO for me today but I wish ever1 a good&happy hunting. <3

    1. McLaughlin86


      Hahahaha, be safe.

  6. B>Shifta, Deband, Resta Lv15

  7. Rambling May Confirmed, Crimson Assassin Ultimate Greenill EP1
  8. Bringer Ep1 Bluefull VH- Reg Drop Gae Bolg
  9. Bluefull EP1 Delsaber VH- Delsaber's right arm reg drop Heavenly/TP from Chaos Sorceror VH Bluefull EP1
  10. Was just lving in ruins and came across this, thought it was pretty neat.
  11. La Dimenian Vh Ep1 Bluefull - Amore Rose
  12. Ultimate EP1 Mil Lily Oran - Sense Plate Reg. Drop