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  1. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    Oran Ultimate Episode 4- Goran Detonator- Asteron Striker confirmed
  2. What's the highest amount of hit % you can get from a weapon as a reward from the Lucky Coin roulette game in Gallon's Shop?
  3. Jack-O-Lanterns Bug

    So I've noticed that every so often, some of the Jack-O-Lanterns I use doesn't give me an item that pops up at the bottom of my inventory(yes I exited then re-checked). Other people seem to have been experiencing this bug as well. Not sure what is causing this, but whenever it happens to one person in a room, the same lantern doesn't give anything to the other players in the room either.
  4. B>Rabarta Amp/Merge paying pds

  5. Triforce Event Drop Chart

  6. B> Rabarta Amp 10 PDs or Rabarta Merge 15 PDs

  7. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Bluefull Ultimate Episode 2 Gibbles- Regular Drop
  8. B>Rabarta Merge 15 pds or Amp of Rabarta 10 pds pm me

  9. Show your screenshots

    In case y'all were wondering what Sacred Bow looks like. Special is Hell, MST needed to equip is 800, and gives +1400 atp and +70 ata
  10. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    from delsaber