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  1. Hey you still need to have a million more to farm PSO ultima
  2. When you are living in the original way of life you get to make all your own decisions and you can even choose your own gender You're just not allowed to do bad things to people. If you want to do bad things to people you have to join special events and wait until the protection is broken
  3. I abided by the rules of the forums in off topic it reads talk about anything you want but don't spam I have nothing against kush but his reply was ignorant
  4. So I decided to share knowledge . Numbers are infinite. Once you understand that numbers are limitless you've reached a end to all knowledge . The same with shapes , space, pain,pleasure . Figured I would share my knowledge with the community. This was posted in off topic. Don't be an asshat
  5. Don't know him but from what I've read here he doesn't seem like a decent person
  6. Listen to a band called the xx make one of their songs a lobby song
  7. Glad to hear you are doing better topwing remember on your own doorways are your best friend playing with other players you won't need doorways as much
  8. I open myself to ridicule I'm not a Bible banger
  9. My perfect way. Better perfect way+better random+all numbers+ mental effort+ numbers represented by smallest understanding growing to largest understanding+ seeing all of the above as images in my mind.seeing as images adds additional effort to the better perfect way and better random also automatic better perfect way and automatic better random also imagining automatic better random and perfect way as images represented by largest understanding I decided to add my version of the perfect way in an above reply if you make your own perfect way it adds effort to the perfect way. If you want help you'll have to share credit with me it's a rule of the creator
  10. goldhollow

    Beat Saber

    Oh word yea I never heard of beat saber before you must like to work out I used to lift weights
  11. One punch man has an epic battle
  12. My great power has weakened recently lol I'm in my 30s now 32 on June 26th
  13. goldhollow

    Beat Saber

    You might enjoy this game www.flashflashrevolution.com the best I ever did without button mashing was single good the rest perfect on Maxx forever warning I've known of at least one person who got carpel tunnel syndrome from playing too much I didn't mean to repost the game I recently learned how to quote and put my own message in I figured you might love the game
  14. I think I have mother garb+ I'm not sure how many slots though
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