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  1. Don't know him but from what I've read here he doesn't seem like a decent person
  2. Glad to hear you are doing better topwing remember on your own doorways are your best friend playing with other players you won't need doorways as much
  3. My great power has weakened recently lol I'm in my 30s now 32 on June 26th
  4. I think I have mother garb+ I'm not sure how many slots though
  5. Yea it could've been a Spanish speaking player but I don't remember it well
  6. Oh OK I was told it was a event item years ago
  7. Not sure if I should post this here but I played with somebody who had a spread needle with hell
  8. Lol don't forget to run in and out of doors only pro rangers without dark combo unlocked weapons and low hit do it the best
  9. OK I have a 100 plus level fonewm with some 30 and high 20 level techs the only decent gear i have is holy ray what are some good gear for forces I normally don't even use weapons because of the increased cast rate you get from not using a weapon. can you give me some tips for playing with a fonewm
  10. Don't you think from a noobs perspective that isn't really a bad strategy he did say he plays solo often and before I got arrest needle I had to use that strategy on ultimate
  11. Hey topwing here is another noob tip when you are fighting monsters do as much damage as you can from the doorway then run back in the door and wait for the enemies to go back to their starting point make sure to repeat the process it's something that I do regularly
  12. Hey topwing has your play improved?
  13. Didn't know you could run exe twice good info guys
  14. Didn't know where to post this but here is a way to multilog to exchange gear. download sandboxie use sandboxie to log on another account make a room with a password join the room then exchange gear
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