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  1. Master raven -purplenum- dark bringer - HOD quest ep1 - ultimate Last swan - purplenum - delsaber - HOD quest ep1 - ultimate Those are the only ones i can confirm.
  2. Oh sure. Lets all just ignore the fonewearl. You gonna regret it when you lose a 1v1 ranked match against one. Her deagle is a one shot headshot and she has a 5 frame overhead. On the real though i do feel im kinda on saber's side. Im not sure i agree with the belief that the ease of access of gear for hucast is all that much greater than the ease of access of gear for ramarl. I think the big thing people are beating around the bush of is this: the best and most essential item for hucast can only be obtained during xmas event. Dark flow is needed to truly unlock the power of the hucast. That or an sjs i supppose. Although dm is equally as useful, its not equally as essential. Ra have other less rare gear that can supliment the power of a dm (dark meteor, aka best ra wpn) but there really isnt anyway to supliment the power of a dark flow. I would still choose hucast though. I feel itd be easier to find a smartlink, some arms, and a high hit wpn for a beast native and a high hit for mach dark imo than it would be to find some equally high dps guns v502 adept etc. That being said as long as you commit im sure youll be fine. Mind if i ask why you insist on playing solo? The community would love to lend a hand if you need it.
  3. Got a double kill with the "use alt+backspace" trick the other day 😆
  4. I changed my resolution and it seemed to help a bunch
  5. Always remember to drop as many single meseta / red boxes as you can at the center of the flow boss fight during the xmas event. If you dont people may get mad at you. 👍
  6. Wait..... what? You can control the dragon?
  7. How about a co op mode. You choose 4 characters to lock in and those characters can only play / trade with those other 3 chosen. As you finish harder quests you start unlocking s ranks. similar vibe to challenge but with more longevity. theyre stripped of gear and made level 1 zero matt'd when you start. No id switching so you have to choose your 4 char id carefully.
  8. __ I need intervals of .33% of a % lolol
  9. Tysm for explaining this. Never knew this was possible.
  10. New players should be automatically put in a specific team. Have a couple good players in that team as well to point them in the right direction. Having access to team chat with other new players would be very helpful and sprinkling a few good players to get em on track would be nice. This game is intimidating when you dont know what youre doing lol.
  11. If the gms can turn off their nameplate and use the banner to notify everyone, You could do gm lobby hide and seek. First to find the gm gets an event item. Just trying to think of practical / silly community gags/games. For the gameplay side, if you could make it say the sectionid of a room when you hit tab on it in lobby that would be super helpfull. I see a ttf room with two lvl 100s and think "id be glad to help, especially if its whitill... hmmm...."
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