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  1. Ill periodically go through and submit the other posts when im bored throughout the event to try to help That is, as long as there is no issue with redundant submissions? Gotta imagine that it can handle that
  2. Redria - Vol Opt - A single PD >:c
  3. Now seems like a great time for some billy joel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LaD7Hk-C8XQ
  4. what kind of monster would even make that
  5. would you take pds for the r5?
  6. I vote we let him back if he can defeat shiida in a 1v1 battle mode.
  7. I bid 8 pds on that same fartlink
  8. 🍑.....



    U thought it was fart. 


    But is just an butt. 


    Merry christman shiida 🎃💀

  9. The purpose of this thread is now about giving kotta "super-veteran" status.
  10. Can i at least be changed to a blue name with "ultima veterinarian" instead?
  11. All of my years of experience on the internet are urging me not to click this link..... But i must know. Oh, god dammit. - .-
  12. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-dFqIqCMT9E
  13. 🍑🍫

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    2. Kotta


      I mean, If It's represented with a chocolate bar, It means It's tasty, but who am I to tell, I've never done that :onion125:

    3. applesaucin


      Do not eat poo poo, kotta. Very bad for you. 

    4. Kotta


      you mean everyone 👀

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