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    2. Kotta


      D I D'e S U M 1 P O S E A Y T P V-V-V I D E O ? ( º ͜ʖ ͡* )



    3. 777


      Ayy, that's a decent YTP. :D
      Diddy Kong really personifies you; powerful farts, stinky and his #1 priority is getting high. B)


    4. 777


      @Kotta Barely seen this now lol. Soooo good.

  2. blue falz master sword confirmed
  3. Ramar is more utility than dps also. Humans get a boost to demons and hell. They also have the highest ata, so thats kind of their trade off compared to casts. But yeah, just gotta focus on the % dmgs and make sure your total atp is maxed. You'll know its maxed when you pres f12 then right, to see your stats. If any of the stats are yellow instead of white they are maxed. You can also try sacrficing a goat to r78 for more dps, but those results vary.
  4. Quote the event item lists and item combination lists for this thread? (I dont know how lol) I always felt it was wayyy to hard to find the list of weapons and the requirements. I usually end up using pso wiki for the non bbu items, but every time have to hunt down those combinations threads for server exclusive items i think about how it would be a pain for new players to find the thread, let alone know it exists and what to search for. I feel this thread will have a lot of foot traffic for new players and could help point them to that information faster.
  5. Put glue in your floppy disc drive. That might solve it.
  6. every DF using hucast i've ever played with:
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