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  1. Did you mean"as long as other players agree with it" ? Not trying to be a stickler, just want to make sure i understand it. : x I definitely appreciate the changes. It really started feeling like it was duo or bust before. More 4 man runs in the future now
  2. so if you change a mags type does it change its triggers as well? Like if i change my nidra to a preta, will it still have nidra's 3x invinc triggers or will it have the preta's triggers?
  3. So, as im sure a bunch of yall already know im doing a tiny rt contest thingy. Rules are: DUO RT only Must be on ultima server Uses in game timer from quest start to the moment the "pgf"drops (or whatever oga decides to fork over) No weapons unobtainable to the public (DM for hucast, etc) MUST be duo, no solo The winning peoples will each receive a stack of pds from mr sock himself My hope with this event is to try and encourage two things: 1, good players to still choose to play the easier of the pgf hunts, to potentially help out newer players. 2, encourage the newer player
  4. just wanted to say to everyone, I appreciate yall. the game, the community, all of it. I'm sure I'm not the only one having a, less-than-normal Christmas. Ultima and its community have helped it feel a bit more normal. always great to see you guys, i truly cannot even think of almost any times ive regretted logging on to this game. yall make that possible. -sincerely, your stimky fren Sock.
  5. Whats a really solid time for soloing PoD for fo? i made it TO shamby with 18-19 mins left on the timer and was pretty proud of that time lol i used a fonewm :x
  6. I vote for nakas card giving s-rank without special but also dont want to upset people. I also have opinions on SS (🤡) but that seems to be the pandora of all boxes. Im hoping to make some tools with saith ( and any other cmode prozsz ) to help make cmode more accessible to newer players :x Hopefully that can increase some of the traffic in cmode, It's definitely a game mode that once you know it, you see its value and fun. However before you know it, its quite daunting. #teamCmode
  7. Hmm. Is there a way to alter the numbers or code so that some item drops are affected by changed dar and others not? Cause my first thought would be create a seperate 'rarity class' for the incredibly important items (pgf cbat sta). So that most items dont have the dar reduction, except the ones that would cause people to go full blown cheese on the hunt for. Another thought i had is a monster hunter style drop rate cap. So like if an item has a 1/100 drop rate, if you kill, lets say double that rate, so 200 of that creature, the game will by default give you the item on the 201 dr
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