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  1. Quick question: Can we somehow ban kotta from using emotes for when hes being a bad onion?
  2. i remember the rumor being there wont ever be hit on NYC's again, so im just happy that turned out not to be true. however i do regret not farming/keeping more NYC now :c but thats on me 😛
  3. If were looking for other solutions, shiidas ctu quest + type weap setup is amazing. More of this would lend itself to growth. I see a bunch of newer players infatuated with woi right now and im excited for when they get to experience TOD, and i myself have a bunch of room to explore still in ctu. There is a bit of an issue where its gonna take a while for the new players to get to this endgame level, but it will happen. These kinds of quests are how the non HH drop rates could be mitigated without losing the player spike that is the bat signal of HH alert. Something INCREDIBLY difficult that has a gauranteed reward, kinda like cmode (although cmode isnt too hard just time consuming)
  4. If you get rid off HH all that is going to happen is there will still only be 8 players non hh But there would then also only be 8 players during the time HH would have been. Players rushing to get that last run of hh is one of the few things that bind casual and pro players on this server. I dont understand why anyone would listen to wilsons advice about the health of the server when hes openly admitted to trying to sabatoge this server and its player base. That alone should be a red flag for yall. Ive said my piece. Yall have been warned. I am sock and this has been my TED talk.
  5. Yall are crazy. You get rid of HH and the server dies, 100%. Theres no way that people go "well i have slightly better drop rates non hh now, gonna play 4x as much now!" The exact same thing is gonna happen where theres only like 13 players online post xmas event. And no one wants to play alone. I cannot highlight that last part enough. No one wants to play alone. <--This right here is the real issue. Its why terror's team is so important to the server tbh. He actually does the dirty work helping new players have someone to lean on. If HH is removed the floor of players will not rise, but the ceiling will certainly fall. MAYBE youll have more players on average throughout the day, but the lack of high peak player count will be damaging to players mindset about the server / its growth. I found one of my pgf non hh. 7s found 2 non hh i believe. I think another issue is players conflate the fact that pso drops are just insanely difficult in the first place, with pso drops being insanely difficult outside hh. Im all for specifically pgf dropping year round so players dont feel "locked out" Of the dark weapons. But it feels like thats a huge momey grab for larva so i doubt he'll compromise there.
  6. Hell yeah man. Gonna sign on in like 5 mins. Ill be on for a while today.
  7. 71 def mats for 8 pds on the table?
  8. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on?
  9. The gi gue buttzooka is the objectively best weapon in the game.

  11. This is 100% accurate. Id also like to throw in its rng if vol opt moves 2 or 3 screens. So the best way to deal with this (for consistency) is to aim at screen #2 and zap it a few times no matter what. If it looks like the little bugger is switch to screen #3 then switch your aim to #3 before it transfers and then lock it up there. It does give vol opt enough time to make inches towards running away but you almost always kill it before its gone on the last screen. You can also try to set your positioning so that youre aiming through screen #2 into screen #3 so when it changes screens you also organically change your target. Issue there is if ur not fast enough the floor dildos pop up and change ur target. If youre player 1 screen#2 is always directly behind you. Screen#3 is directly to your left when you spawn. Hope this helps.
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