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  1. Current line-up along with the new recruits, if you need to contact a player - you can simply talk to anyone on the team since we are all in voice comm together. ROSTER: Whoopin Squish Kirika No-Skillz Natural TrapBitch Saith Evie Violie Lutz Roxy JOINED: Frost Sharpeye DrDew Serverus MagicBun King Ra Akioyamato Reply in this thread or join us in Ventrilo anytime if YOU are interested in PROcurement!
  2. Yea. I was helping transfer his stuff from his RAmar to his RAcast and when he went to his bank he dced. When he came back he show he had the bug again xD Hope they fix it soon.
  3. Yea. I was helping transfer his stuff from his Huney to his Hucast and when he went to his bank he dced. When he came back into the room he got bugged Hope they fix it soon
  4. My GC# 42014235. First slot Kirika lvl200 Foney, Second Slot Haruhi lvl200 rascal, Third Kiri lvl122 Huney. Since yesterday (when they server came back up from it maintenance.) my first 3 slots are humar lvl 1.
  5. First slot Kirika Foney 200, Second slot Haruhi Rascal 200, Third Slot Kiri 122 Huney. If you could fix this much appreciated!
  6. Me as well. all my characters are Lvl1 humar with no name
  7. seitentaisei


    Thank for inviting me to the team!
  8. Want to buy P Raven. willing to trade or pay pds for it. Thankx
  9. Looking buy a Panzer Fraust with hit.
  10. Elenor (18 177 5 0 ) -12pds you still have it?
  11. he will respond back when he logs on.
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