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  1. Hello Mido! Hope you've been good :)

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Hey there, haven't heard from you in ages. I've had a great many ups and downs, but things have settled down for me quite a bit recently. Moved to a new home, found a wonderful person that loves me and am currently looking for a new job, preferably online. Also... *gasp* is dat Akatsuki in your avy?

    2. Neon


      LOL ye i've been a little bit inactive you know. I see, well im glad to hear things have settled down a bit, hope things stay like that for a while :) (except the job haha im sure you will find one in no time!).

      Yeah! that's Akatsuki hahaha even tho i only knew his character from Under Night and not from his actual game 

  2. Yo Mud, give me mah stuff back LOL

    1. mudkipzjm


      Lmao, I think I still have a couple things.

  3. Happy birthday , Neon. I hope you have a good one.

    1. Grimoire Greys
    2. Neon


      How come this isnt showing on my profile? O: OMG IM SORRY DDDDDDDDDDDDD: FOR REAL lol but thaaaaaaaank you sooooo much mido c: again im rlly srry T.T

  4. Sucking too hard on your lollipop oh loves gonna get you down


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    2. Neon


      No me he ido :v

    3. jesus007


      Ya no te veo en el lobby como antes :v

    4. Neon


      Es que soy una persona muy ocupada (?

  6. :l

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    2. theroyalrabite


      *Nibbles Grim's finger*

    3. Vector
    4. Neon


      1- Que paso de que? :v

      2- *pokes back*

      3- Wut Ippan o.o

      4- Hi Vector :D

  7. B > A quest with more Epsilions

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    2. theroyalrabite


      B> Your item that I refused ta take earlier :P

    3. leezy


      Weather effect I get two in 4min...restart

    4. leezy


      And you can solo

  8. Y con respecto a Liberta Kit ese item se consigue haciendo la quest de ep 4 (En modo un jugador) Dangerous deal with Black paper 2 en hard Suerte!
  9. Neon

    Busco Team!

    Publicidad /o/! okno xd Bienvenido devuelta Duvalin! si ocupas un team eres mas que bienvenido a Ravens , solo buscame a mi o a algún miembro para que te agreguen!
  10. Mag feeding is BORING

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    2. Spliced


      Man and I thought I was the lazy one! :P

    3. Neon


      You cannot beat me xD

    4. Spliced


      By the way I started watching Magi.

  11. Neon

    E3 2015

    Being serious now, FF7 and Battlefront and wow theres just too many LEGO games...
  12. Its such a shame we are only 3 so far
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