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  1. You are right, these forums are not a place for me, if you have a negative opinion it is not welcome on these forums, if it's not rainbows and unicorns then it is unwelcome and you shall be down-repped by people who don't even play this game. There is no "whole-story" to know or tell Michael, you open up Lee's program, change the values and voila you have eased the complaints of many, each member of the team has at least had the time to do that regardless of their situation. If the program doesn't work ask Lee to fix it, he'd be happy to do this seeing as he was paid for it. Well done on being raised that way but at the end of the day most people don't even voice their anguish over things and just stop playing, others have raised the exact same points, most people remember Riot for example. I must have some degree of patience as I'm still here asking for an improvement even though I get told to shut up each time. There's plenty of $$ that has been thrown at this server from the community since Christmas and there are people in the community who can edit numbers in a GUI if every single GM/dev/mod/admin can't manage it. Can't of been that good for people that hunted, didn't Rose quit because of all the runs he did for Soul Booster? He was one of the very few people who bothered. Mass had his own grievances with this server but do you think he would have quit if his hunting paid off? I'm not complaining about my self gain here, anything I wanted I got this event and helped others hunt things, if I wanted 10 PoST's I would have hunted them. But my point is that things should have been tested first or at the very least fixed early on in the event not left this long, in which case this event would have been drama free, that is not unreasonable feedback just because it is negative.
  2. Well that was a seriously bad event lets be honest. The new weapon that was advertised for ages as the great new thing coming to cheer everyone up from all that ddos, and only 3 were obtained. And even then it's not usable because it has no ATA. I'm guessing godric's isn't fixed either. Half the event the drops weren't done properly and then all we got was broken items. If it actually took time to fix these things I could understand it not being fixed, but you knew about these problems the day of the patch over 1 month ago and you could fix them in 30 minutes... But like every single problem on this server, nothing ever gets done until someone convinces Lee to do it, and even then he gets in trouble for not getting approval.
  3. You have never told me not to post anything actually, maybe to others but all my info I got from lobby 1 or others. I offered not to post the stats of the items when the patch hit that's about it, and the hacker already told the stats of all the items in lobby 1. There are also clues you've scrubbed from the original post that are common knowledge to everyone, I mean the purpose of this post isn't to have 100% correct information but it at least provides a starting point to hunt things. Now we have a situation where a lot of players know all the info that was in my post, many of them not thanks to me, and where everyone else has to sit around doing nothing like the passed week or so because no one will tell them anything. Anyway you're event, so do what you like.
  4. Ok thanks, I haven't heard anything about Sue's meant to give ATA, but I think Godric's is supposed to but broken. I updated the first post again with more info.
  5. I've updated with drop locations and ID, most unconfirmed but likely, if you can confirm any of them then please post.
  6. "666 is not alone" is in the lyrics of the second. Maybe drops from the same place as Ultima Reaper?
  7. Second video suggest it's from a dragon, surely there has been enough ttf and rt done to find at least one though, so maybe not.
  8. I fail to see how a minor drop in price due to a small influx is worse than a major increase in price due to making them unobtainable except through donating. If you justify letting people keep them by saying they were given to people in need, then you are implying they won't be sold off, therefore no deals are ruined and the price won't change. It's also depressing that you value what some idiot is sending you in "hate mail" over what the vast majority of the communities feeling on the matter is. I fail to see how people opinions are "pointless ranting", people are posting valid arguments and "working solutions" such as suggesting to leave the drop rate so the majority of the server remains unaffected by your mistake, while the minority of people might lose 10 PD's in a trade. People are "freaking out" because they have made Whitill to specifically hunt RR, or still need a RR, they have done nothing wrong or against the rules and are being punished. Not everyone wants the Easter items and at the moment the drops are so obscure no ones going to find any until the location is revealed.
  9. I was pretty optimistic, I figured the drop locations would be something we could find naturally. Like something that spawns in TTF or RT or Ep4 mob, you know something commonly hunted. But unless the drop rates are very low or they are on the least common ID's only that doesn't appear to be the case, I mean people haven't even found the armor's yet which aren't even supposed to be hard to obtain for those certain characters... Let alone Hundred Souls or PoST.
  10. On reading this I understand the 1/300 now. Think about how many people want a RR? A lot. How many people currently donate for RR? Probably none. How many people donated for PGF before it was removed? A lot. Nearly everybody wants RR, just like nearly everybody wants PGF, so they will donate like crazy for them like PGF. It's all about the $$, got to have something to replace those $65 donations.
  11. Where is this information from? I don't think this is true. Can't just go from 1/50 to handing out free RR's by mistake to 1/300, that's just stupid.
  12. Same thing for me. For some people, namely mio, it works though :/
  13. I think it's fun not knowing, if that was in reference to me, assume so because you voted my post down.
  14. Not sure if anyone's posted one of these yet, but it should be helpful for the next week or two until all is revealed. This is an unofficial thread, for collecting information. Please read here first. *All information is gathered from other players and Kajex's clues, if something is discovered not to be true I'll update accordingly* Italics means unconfirmed but likely based on current information What is in the Easter update? How do I participate in the Easter event? What is the best quest to hunt Egg Rappies? What do Egg Rappies drop? What are the new items and where do I get them? What else is there?
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