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  1. I'd say about 35-45% of the people that you play with that are decently leveled have DM's and DF's. It's decently common I guess. Of course the newer players aren't going to have them and that's understandable since the event is once a year unless they trade donation tickets for them. But yeah on this server the DF and DM are buffed, you said you played on scht, and eden but the Dark weapons aren't as strong on those servers, as I've played on eden myself.
  2. Not to respond and sound like an asshole, but no shit dark weapons didn't exist..
  3. I think weapons like Katana, Knuckles, and Talis should get a buff though. Nobody uses them at all lol and they don't even compare to the other weapons. That's another thing other than boosting tempest and burning. Imagine Knuckles that you could use to where you punch and it creates an impact and hits all the enemies in the area around you. That might actually make knuckles fun and viable to use.
  4. I'm pretty sure that you have the misconception. Well have you ever used the dark flow special with low health or better yet do you even own one to begin with? 1 hit kills.. And playing with dark weapons is easy dude. I've been playing this game since dreamcast and I can tell you right now that the dark weapons do make the game way easier. And like I said compared the difference between Zanba and Excal, as I said excal is basically an all character weapon with almost 1000 ATP, Zanba has half of that and it's only usable by a couple characters as I said. So clearly something is wrong there.. If you don't understand that I don't know what to tell you lol. I mean the zanba is strong but not like excal which it should be considering not everybody can use it.
  5. The dark weapons should get nerfed I said, but I know they wouldn't get nerfed. To many people would be mad that they can't kill stuff in one hit anymore haha.. Excal should get one though lol, zanba needs the buff though it does. I know PGF is kind of a bitch to get so thats understandable and it's a once a year kind of thing so it's not like its everyday. Although personally I think they're a bit OP. But if people want the game to be easier that's all them you know? lol But yeah of course, I agree I don't think they should do 2000 dmg but something decent enough to wear its pulling its weight instead of like 50-100 dmg, maybe something more than a heavy attack with a level 200. You'd have to scale the attacks of a character at level 200 because of the level 200's hard attack. I think having the special of tempest or burning do maybe like an extra 150-300 dmg more than a hard attack would be viable.
  6. Even if they didn't want to rebalance the weapons the least they could do is make the specials like tempest and burning do more damage. I don't see people getting mad over that lol if anything people would probably be ecstatic to use them. Would be a change of pace to have something like that instead of charge, berserk, spirit, demon, hell etc. But of course those specials would only do real damage to enemies that are weak to those elements. It would be situational as I said, but not useless. Would be pretty interesting to see something like that.
  7. I would have included blizzard but they can't really do much with it. There is no way to increase the freeze proc on it unfortunately. I know that for a fact there is something weird about that special. Either way I think they should make those two specials useful, I know it's possible definitely. For example if the burning/tempest is only doing 200 damage for an attack just increase the percentage up to the point where it's doing like 700 damage or so to enemies weak to that element. For mechguns they can just reduce the burning/tempest percent damage so it doesn't do as much. It gives another opportunity for specials that suck like burning and tempest to be more viable to use. Currently they're absolutely not viable. There are a bunch of balance issues with the game definitely that could easily be fixed if people were interested and wanted to be involved in something like that. I think weapons like excal should be nerfed because #1 they're basically an all class weapon (-foneys) that hits multiple targets. They have almost 1000 atp with berserk.. while the zanba doesn't even have close to that maybe 500-600 atp and it's decently rare + it's not even all class. Only a couple of the characters can use it. That itself doesn't make sense considering excal can be used by everyone basically and it's so powerful. Wouldn't you think the other way around, the weapon that is for less classes would be more powerful since there is a bigger restriction on classes. The Guld Milla should be buffed because what's the point in getting the Guld Milla if you can get weapons with the Yaz 9000 with the gush special. Demons and charge outrank the Guld Milla although it's one of the rarest Mechguns in the game and yet you got Psycho Ravens that do way more damage than the Guld Millas. The Guld Millas don't even have rifle range like the Yaz.. They're literally the rarest mechguns in the game. You can get 1 with bpd but the other handgun has an outrageous drop rate so good luck getting them. The reward for getting the handgun is basically oh btw the Guld Milla you just made with one of the rarest weapons in the game doesn't do shit lol.. If the Guld Milla isn't going to be buffed like it should, it should at least have something that upgrades it so it can compare with the other mechguns damage wise. I have a list that can go on forever.
  8. There's no need since those weapons already do heavy damage. They actually should get a nerf.
  9. Alright so this game has a lot of balance issues between how powerful some of the weapons are vs some of the other weapons. I've played on this server for a while, and I've also played on other servers as well. I've been playing the game since dreamcast. There is even in-balancement with the specials on weapons. For example the only weapon specials worth using are berserk, charge, spirit (not even), hell, and demons. I mean 99% of the people can probably agree with me on that. But how about Tempest, and Burning? Games get boring if there is no variety, and if you could implement a way in which you can change the damage on those specials for weapons that would be interesting. People might argue with me saying they would be "useless" anyways but thats not true. You can use those weapons for enemies weak against fire, or lightening. They would be situational nonetheless however and people might say they'd rather use Dark Flow, Tsukimiri J Sword, Excal, etc. What if the specials were made to do damage competing with those weapons. They wouldn't be used all the time since every enemy has a different resistance. Other people might argue well those specials would be doing more than my Rafoie, or Razonde on my force. But.. that's not true, you can't spam burning and tempest specials on weapons. A force can constantly spam techniques until their tp runs out. You can't really miss using spells on a force, while you can miss on a weapons special. Therefore burning and tempest is actually useful and beneficial but situational. I've had a talk with a couple people about other in-balancement issues on this game but I thought it would be important that people might be able to actually make use of some of the other specials that you can't normally use since they suck anyways. I mean who uses burning, and tempest? The answer is nobody. So why not improve something that sucks to begin with. I can go on for lists of things that need nerfs, and buffs on Ultima's PSO1. Like serious improvements.
  10. Remember this game is like 14-15 years old. If you want to hack a game this old you should be doing something better with your life. It's not much of an achievement… lol if it was a new game I would give you props but since it's not you're a nobody. Give yourself a bigger challenge like hacking or distributing items on a game that isn't more than 2 years old. Anybody can learn how to hack this game if they really wanted too. It doesn't take a rocket scientist so quit your shit.
  11. Scroll down and look at the top 10 users. Not all of them are GM's but Chuk, Serverus, Evie, and Kajex are.
  12. The same thing happened to a lot of other people. Message a GM and talk to them about it.
  13. A person was going around giving hacked and duped Sonic Team Armors, Photon Spheres, Photon D Cores, Psycho Crystals, Cent Battles, etc. If you're a new player you should be forgiven, but talk to a GM. Older players should know better not to receive hacked or duped items. And for those who plan on hiding away those items good luck lol... Psycho Crystals and Cent Battles are dropping during this event so it may be hard to confirm if you illegitimately obtained them however if you're not high enough level with decent equips it will be easy to tell. You can't talk your way out of that. Most likely they'll do a rollback so you may lose levels, or items that you obtained while this was going on.
  14. You received hacked and duped items most likely from somebody.
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