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  1. B>Hylian Shield offering tree fitty for one

  2. Found four master ravens hunting a last swan. T> M raven for L swan

  3. Website looks a lot different than what I remember. Looks good :D

    1. chrisNL


      i know right! 


      and welcome back, i remember you haha

    2. Colorado Wilson

      Colorado Wilson

      More complicated now though lol, but I agree it looks nice. 

    3. Kolective


      More complicated seems to be an understatement. I have to scroll under browse to get to the main forum page. It's a lot prettier, just seems to be a bit less functional. Still, I like it :)


  4. If I put up my 0/100/0/100/100 DM for sale, what would people offer?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Berrymilk


      Hugs and symbol chat.. possible rare item.. possibly...

    3. Kolective


      Oh yeah, I'm not intending on doing it, just wondering how people would value it.

    4. AdamFrost901


      ill get you a date with Trump and Beyonce

  5. well, it was fun

    But what about my maaaaaaaags q.q
  6. 250 posts of yelling at you people. I'm so nice c:

    1. nerdmastax


      so you havent been back by and jonas tells me he hasnt heard anything else. its been about a week or 2 so i thought id ask.

    2. Kolective


      My apologies sir, between Spanish, Calculus, and helping my girlfriend with Chemistry and Animal Science, I haven't had much free time, not even for PSO. I'll try to pop in some T.T

  7. For all those who aren't sure, Lindcray drops only on completion of the quests Wild Easter and Oceanic Menace on Extra Hard. Get to hunting!

  8. Goodbye PSO

    So you're implying that people don't know how to not duplicate items illegitimately and now so hey, this isn't right? Perhaps I should notify a GM? And that it's okay as long as she only gives them away/sell them for personal profit? And that her duping should be ignored because she spent money here? None of that is okay O.o
  9. That was fun, but farewell

    I thought you were my friend, come back q.q
  10. S>Luck mats at donation rate (3 per DT or 5 per 11 PDs)

    1. Voodoo Kitty

      Voodoo Kitty

      id like to buy 6

  11. Cyane's Summer Event

    Went to the beach Went shopping Went to a theater Went to a semi-fancy restaurant Went to a park Went to a museum Spent time with a friend
  12. B>Stuff

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    2. Mayte


      dude hahaha... stop offering bjs o,o

    3. Kolective


      Does order matter? Can I go straight from casual conversation to breaking down about my personal life straight to a casual BJ?

    4. viollama


      Not really, i could possbily multitask it for a extra fee.

      (May was the one blackmailing me too do this, somebody PLEASE rescue me)

  13. Ob/Mil lily shooting pattern

    Did some research, yeah, there are multiple PSO world posts on it, he seems to be correct, I ish dumb
  14. Ob/Mil lily shooting pattern

    When a Mil Lily spawns, every Ob Lily in the room adjusts to whatever megid level it has, which can be anywhere from 1-30. If there are multiple Mil's, you will get the highest level. So if you get one Mil Lily and suddenly everything is shooting level 30 death beams at you, it's normal. Same works for if it chooses level 1, all other lillies in the room will shoot level 1. EDIT: Even if the natural level of the Ob Lily's megid is higher, (14 in ep 1, 16 in ep 2) it will still adjust to the Mil Lily.