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  1. 30 PDs sound good? I got one spare
  2. Kolective


    Welcome to the team
  3. If you're trying to level grind, I'd recommend Towards the Future. It's an episode 1 quest under VR at the hunter's guild, real quick to level up, but you need someone to carry you through it. If you're going down that route, I'd recommend naming a room TTF and waiting for people to do the quest with.
  4. Buying or selling? Because I'm selling both of those, definitely not buying, and your wording is unclear o.o
  5. Shop is open for anyone who wants to buy my crap for some reason

    1. nnorton44


      What you got

  6. Nooope, got the DM as a parting present from Cyane and won a mini event to raise it up, so it's got some sentimental value! I'm good. lol
  7. Certain events have allowed items like this to exist. For example, my DM is 0/100/0/100/100
  8. I'm sitting on a large cache of grinders. Should be able to provide a fair amount.
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