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  1. Purp -EP2- Proof of Sonic Team Gal
  2. PGF - purp- olga ep2 ult
  3. Amitie's Memo - Ultimate - Claw - Whitil
  4. I am free for another hour. Is now good? When would be a good time for you?
  5. I'll be on at about 6:00 PM later tonight, and thank you.
  6. I was doing ruins and was in the middle of switching weapons in the quick menu when i was sent to the title menu. My Cent power and Puyo mag are gone. My number is 42196587.
  7. Some of my gear went missing after a crash. I found most of the stuff in the bank, but a unit and a mag are still missing. Is there anything I can do about this? Any advice would help.
  8. Redra - Indi Belra - Ultimate - Ep1 - Ruins
  9. Delsaber Redra ep 1 ult Sacred Bow
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