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11th Anniversary Event Player Made Drop Table

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🌊 ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ Ahoy I am here ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓ ⚓⚓🌊 Since nobody did this already, i decided to make one. I'll update daily usually at the end of the day, so please try to make my job easier and faster and

Some official information since I don't think anyone would find it otherwise. On Very Hard, SonicTeam Armor drops from Shambertin on All IDs with a drop rate 3x harder than Ultimate.

Mr Naka's Business Card - Barba Ray - Ult Whitill

19 hours ago, Wavebuster said:

Was hunting Yellowboze PoD during the recent HH and we encountered Kondrieu twice. Among our group we got 4 drops, all nonrare. Since Kondi drop is normally 1/2 v502 I'd say that's enough confirmation for an event drop off Yellowboze Kondrieu and we should be hunting PoD on that ID.


11 hours ago, Amaranthine said:

I was running solo PW4 resets from the second floor on blue. The ult gi gue drop there is Plantain Leaf at a 1/80 rate. Since I was running solo for best DAR and during HH for an hour and ten minutes with no reds, there may be a drop there too.

Made another section with Potencial Event Drops with your both inputs, since we don't have the confirmation of the items yet (potencially they are the same as last year).

Last year, Kondrieu dropped Arrest Booster for Yellowbooze and for the Gi Gue it's probably Sword of Ultima.

Thank you both for the information.

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Yellowboze Kondrieu is... Naka's Card. >.>

Here's my data on Kondrieu drops with the unknowns blank.

Viridia -
Greenill - regular
Skyly - regular
Bluefull - regular
Purplenum -
Pinkal -
Redria - regular
Oran - regular
Yellowboze - Naka's Card
Whitill - Naka's Card

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Hand of Justice - Delbiter - Ult Ep2 Tower - Yellowboze

Monkey King Bar - Mericus - Ult EP2 - Yellowboze ( NORMAL DROP)

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Anti Dark Ring Dark Falz Episode 1 Ultimate Viridia - regular drop

Mr. Naka's Business Card Vol Opt ver. 2.0 Episode 1 Ultimate Viridia

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