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  1. Moving up to highlight that just the HUnewearl and FOmarl mags remain for sale.
  2. After redoing some max stat plans I had to make new mags and now have quite a few I no longer need, listed below. Why Nidra? Nidra is among the game's best mags, as it has 30s invincibility for all 3 mag triggers. It also gets a +35% trigger bonus at 100%+ synchro for boss rooms for a 85% rate. Love Rappy has 30s invincibility triggers like Nidra's. They have a set (pink) color texture like Tellusis or Gael Gill - it doesn't matter what color the base mag has. 35PD Love Rappy: 0/141/54/5 [M|E|P] "Red" This mag can be used for a HUnewearl Cent/Arms plan (replace 5 Mind Materials with 5 more Power Materials) or also a FOnewm Cent/Arms battle FO plan. 35PD Nidra: 0/126/72/2 [M|E|P] Red This mag is suited for a FOmarl "No Units" stat plan. 50PD Nidra: 0/146/54/0 [M|E|P] Turquoise This mag is suited for a HUnewearl's or FOnewm's Centurion/Arms battle FO stat plan. 0 DEF mags are typically only available in Red - Turquoise color was put on via a GM event. 35PD Nidra: 0/140/60/0 [M|E|P] Red This mag is suited for a RAmar "No Units" stat plan. 30PD Tellusis: 0/146/29/25 [M|E|P] "Red" This mag can be used for a RAmarl or FOmar's ADEPT stat plans. Factor less Mind Materials for Mind levels on the Mag itself. 25PD Sato: 5/150/45/0 [M|E|P] Black Generic POW/DEX Sato for leveling new characters.
  3. Would like to reserve these. 👁️‍🗨️
  4. LCK / 5 = weapon critical hit chance. Nothing else to it.
  5. Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Vulmer **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Govulmer **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Melqueek Rianov 303SNR-4 Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Crimson Assassin Magic Rock "Heart Key" Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Ob Lily Amore Rose Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Mil Lily **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Pofuilly Slime **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Pouilly Slime **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate 1 Caves Purplenum Nano Dragon **NON EVENT DROP**
  6. I think this means to say the Beak's Cafe quest?
  7. Yellowboze - Ultimate - Ep 1 - Crimson Assassin - New Year's Card
  8. VH - Oran - EP 1 - New Year's Card - So Dimenian VH - Oran - EP 1 - Amitie's Memo - Claw
  9. Unfortunately only 1%, rolled 3x for all IDs not Yellowboze (which is 3%). That chance affects the rate of hit on all weapons, rare or nonrare. That said, with a different set of box rolls for each player there is still potential in them, and they're not out of the way.
  10. Yes, that particular drop came from Shambertin boxes while we were in PoD spam. Olga Flow's arena is a bit more generous with these weapons boxes, having 10 of them. The type frequency of these weapons is dependent on section ID as usual - run Skyly for more Caliburs, Viridia for more Arms, etc.
  11. RT does not have weapon boxes after Olga Flow, which brings me to another point. After defeating Olga Flow, open the 10 boxes on the northeast side of the arena before exiting. These are guaranteed to contain nonrare weapons and with it the chance of a high hit base for a special weapon combination. Such high hit (useful) bases are incredibly rare, but they do exist and it would be remiss to overlook these boxes.
  12. Since the time that Seabed runs become popular is approaching again, I wanted to give an additional post on this thread with various advice to give more context to what you're seeing in the videos. I highly Fixed:Recommend RAcast, as he has a reliable toolkit to easily solo the run while other players give assist from there. While lacking a higher level Shifta, it's not really critical to the run. Mob control is, which makes traps and Frozen Shooter indispensable along with his high base ATP. Hell Type/Shot (with hit) +v502 is the most important weapon for this area. Packs of squids, Recoboxes, and the red Sinow Zele drop like flies to it. If you do not have Dark Meteor, Arrest Needle is a good and fast damaging option to deal with multiple Sinows and Deldepths, then Baranz Launcher as a distant third (it absolutely requires freeze traps to function). Sphere into Machine and Dark if you can afford it. In your game Launcher's graphical settings, make sure "Advanced Effect" is turned on, and the "Maps" slider set to its maximum. This enables reflection effects, which has the beneficial side effect of being able to see cloaked Sinows reflected in water or glass, giving an important cue to their body slam so you can avoid it and Freeze Trap them effectively. When dealing with multiple Deldepth, set a Freeze Trap when they are about to emerge, then lead a combo with a Special or Heavy attack to pop the trap. This first attack will detonate the Freeze Trap and almost always miss the Deldepths so they don't potentially dodge the freeze with their invincibility upon taking damage. You must learn how to camera trick the Morfos. If you angle the camera away from their direction before they spawn and they never appear on camera afterward, their lasers cannot hit you. This is easily done with the "center camera" bind, and the trick is displayed prominently in the Lower Seabed videos. However, there are a handful of Morfos in a wave with 2 of them that this technique doesn't seem to work against. They are shown in the videos as I make a point to prioritize them on-camera while being able to leave the second Morfos spawn for later. Fixed:Recommended list of weapons, assuming RAcast: Frozen Shooter Dark Meteor w/ Machine + Dark (special attack is great for Olga 1), Arrest Needle... Baranz Launcher Hell Type/Shot w/ hit Psycho Ravens w/ Machine, Dark, hit (for Delbiters, isolated mobs, and Olga 2) Rianov 303SNR-5 w/ Dark (very good for Olga 1 if no Dark Meteor) Zalure S-rank Launcher (boss) Twin Blaze (stopping initial Delbiter charges) Macho Blades (for consistent S/D + platform drop) Hell Laser (for cleaning up distant/isolated Hellable enemies) any Katana (for the platform drop + crate skip) Last year when I was loosely timing solo runs without interruption, I was clocking in at 16-18 minute Seabed runs, lobby to lobby. There is variation due to differences in map length. The most dramatic of these is in Seabed Upper Levels, where there's a 2 minute difference between the shortest and longest pattern. With a friend who can provide a high level Shifta and knows how to split the room spawns with you, you can cut about a minute from each run. It is within possibility to average <18 minutes a run solo, 10 Olga kills within a Happy Hour is achievable. Here is also a link to all the Seabed videos in a playlist form: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQHLcGPJ4fXKAJ3hTKk-eIBEMq8rgGDB_
  13. Thanks. I'm online now if you want to trade, or just name a time.
  14. Bumping up as no one wants my stimky PBCs.
  15. Here's another video clip I just recorded for the sake of showing the method for non-HU/RAmar. The depicted method and setup (weapon +v801) works with any class bearing 20+ Gizonde, though the number of casts required will of course differ depending on your total ATP.
  16. Whatever weapon you're using for this trick should ideally have as much Machine% as possible in addition to the highest weapon ATP available to your class. That said, I wouldn't advise boosting a Power Glove to 100% Machine just for this.
  17. Here's a thread necro to provide a video I had lying around since the one from the title post appears to be lost from Youtube: If you're spamming TTF I recommend a Nidra or Agastya with 101-120% Synchro for 85% boss room invincibility chance. It gives you a lot of insurance against the pillars popping up and ruining your stunlock, particularly when you're not the P1 slot. If you're HUmar/RAmar and using Power Glove + v801 to do this, you can only truly stunlock on the last set of monitors the boss briefly pauses on as it is attempts to warp away. You can still get a couple Gizondes on the earlier sets but the boss will steadily move between casts. With lv20+ Gizonde and v801 you can stunlock from any set of monitors no problem.
  18. For FOnewm Centurion/Arms plan Melee mag: 0/146/54/0 and Demon's Support/Nuke mag: 0/0/55/145 Units: Centurion/Arms, v801 Shield: Red Ring/Costumes, Hylian Shield Materials: 5 Power, 110 Mind, 35 Luck Maxes ATP, ATA, LCK with Melee mag. Can be combined with Neutron Skin to be -7 MST from max (helpful option for FOnewm Resta range). Mag is identical to HUnewearl Centurion/Arms plan. ATA, LCK, and MST are maxed with Demon's Support/Nuke mag. Mag is slightly different from FOnewearl's mag, but hers can be shared for convenience without much loss. Calculator Links: Melee Mag Nuke/Demon's Support Mag For FOnewearl Centurion/Arms Demon's Support Demon's Support/Nuke Mag: 0/0/55/145 and Melee side Mag: 0/100/55/45 Units: Centurion/Arms, v801 Shield: Red Ring/Costumes, Hylian Shield Materials: 150 Mind Maxes ATA, -55 MST from max without barrier or weapon. MST is maxed if using certain combinations of barrier and weapon (Red Ring/customs and Hylian + Lindcray for healing, Glide Divine, Quasar Staff) Maxes ATP/ATA with alternate Melee mag. Luck is not considered, as there is no room within the ATA/MST plan. I've been leaning towards this plan for the times I use FOnewearl, which is rarely and not enough to warrant procuring a custom mag. It's primarily aimed for maxing her ATA potential for effective Demon's weapon use while getting MST at/very close to max for Ep4 nuking and utilizing her Resta strength with a single mag. The lack of ATP building with the support build does lock her out of useful ATP req weapons however, such as Slicer of Fanatic and Tyrell's Parasol. Her actual weapon damage outside of Lindcray will also be very lacking. Calculator Links: Nuke/Demon's Support Mag Melee Mag
  19. I'm currently in need of DTs and still have PBCs as an excess resource. The price for these is now 10DT each.
  20. Sorry, notifications weren't popping up for me on this thread so I missed this. I have no need of POST but am willing to take a Photon Sphere for a PBC since I do happen to need more spheres now.
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