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  1. I have a 3 stat one on my RA and it's okay regarding accuracy, but tbh I would have preferred 2 stats + hit because in the end I will still need two sets of PR to cover the missing stat.
  2. B > Ultima Reaper with hit :onion-head21:

  3. B > Yasminkov 7000 w/ 40+ hit (with or without hell special)

  4. Crazy Tune - Ult Sinow Zoa - Oran Phonon Maser - Ult Recon - Oran
  5. Welcome and may the RNG god(dess) be with you!
  6. You know I've always thought you got a lot of hate and trash talk for no reason and empathized because it must be hard to have been running this server for so long while having a busy real life besides. But really? Do you really want even the most understanding people to turn against you? Do you know how most people spend fucking hundreds of hours hunting rare stuff like this and NEVER even get one? And you just casual walk in and announce that, when I was already starting to get unmotivated as hell to hunt this fucking elusive item. You know if you don't want to run the server any l
  7. Oran Vol Opt also has regular drop - Cross Scar
  8. Mr Naka's Business Card - Barba Ray - Ult Oran
  9. HUcast is pretty cool, being the highest ATP character in the game and having traps alone makes it worth playing. Plus macho blades are usable by him (or so the item wiki says), so I don't think you need to reroll especially if you enjoy playing him. A well geared HUcast is a freakin powerhouse, always nice to have one in a team, so go for it!
  10. We don't at the moment, but for some events they did release drop rates a few years back. I wasn't here then but I've seen drop rates screenshots from older members. I wish we had them back though.
  11. They could've changed the drop rate, which wouldn't be surprising considering how impossible it is to get.
  12. Only the GMs. And they won't tell because it probably is too scary for us plebs to know 😈
  13. Or you little brother stole them 👀 Not accusing, just exploring all the possibilities 😄
  14. B > Lindcray with NO hit (but some stats would be nice) / Banana Cannon WITH hit and machine 🥰


    1. jezbuz


      I have the following linds since forever:



      I sell each for 3 pds or 3 luck mats, but if you want more than one, i can drop the price. 

    2. Viande


      Nice, I'll take the 35 machine 😀

  15. Hey there, The nostalgia is strong in all of us, welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay 😀.
  16. Have you got a controller plugged in? I used to have similar issues on other games because the analog stick of my Xbox 360 pad was a bit worn out and a random direction would always get stuck.
  17. There's a mini event going on, you might have noticed the name of your character has a green colour. When names are green like that, rare monster spawn rate is way higher than normal. So it's a good time to hunt if you need something off a rare monster. It will probably stay on for like a couple more days, unless the GMs forget to deactivate it! And also welcome back =)
  18. Hey there Time Attack fellas. So I recently started to do solo TTF Time Attack runs on my FOnewearl, because I enjoy playing her and soloing stuff with her feels great! The first few ones were kinda bad, the worst being somewhere between 45-50 minutes (at level 182). But now I've improved a bit and I'm starting to get times around the 25 minute mark, which I think is not bad considering my gear sucks compared to what you vets have (Vol Opt with a blank Banana Cannon is a chore ). With my current gear, I believe I can reach low 20, maybe 21 if I get very very good Dark Falz 3 pat
  19. Hmmm, I arrived in the middle of the Easter Event and I clearly remember that the drop tables were changed for the event.
  20. Sooo, I found this thread from a few years back, and thought I could get a Rambling May but it doesn't work anymore does it? I did all the steps right but the principal doesn't give me anything at the end. And yes, I am 100% sure I did all the steps just how it is explained. EDIT: Ok, nevermind, I recreated the room and it worked...
  21. Hi and welcome back to PSO! I'm rather new to the server myself (just been there for over a month), and I've found some very helpful stuff on the website that are essential to know when you start out, like: - The command list: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/commands/ (If you play with other people and create a room, make sure you type "/dropstyle 1" BEFORE creating the room, it will make the drops different for every person in the party and thus you'll avoid drop steals) - The drop tables: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/dro
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