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  1. This should be the record for multimode solo no pb because shoutgu used twins at falz. Incidentally, shoutgu should have the multimode solo pb record with his time.
  2. JADE

    Happy anniversary!!!!

    8 years with the love of my life!!!



  3. Rianov-2 - del rappy - ult ep4 - bluefull
  4. Mop-Up Operation #1 - MULTIMODE SOLO - No PB - Deranged (RAmar) Reamaining Time: 06"16 Mistakes were made but it is still a good time.
  5. Well the old gamecube methods worked perfectly on the first try here on Ultima. Used a red weapon for Flowen and a dark weapon for Rico.
  6. Sword of Ultima Whitill Gi Gue Episode 2 Ultimate
  7. I know you didn't say they were wrong, I was thinking out loud. It's just that everyone using these plans thinks they have the highest ata possible and it turns out these plans do not give the highest ata. So my question now is, what is the highest ata for a given character? For huney's 209 "max" is the highest ata technically 209.9? Or can you go as high as you want knowing that it will only display 209? Thanks @Lemon
  8. So every max stat plan is wrong? Every one of these plans tries to hit the desired ata and go over it as little as possible. Are you saying that your chance to hit an enemy is higher with 209.8 than 209.4 for huney? You also said rr takes you over max. So are you saying you can have over 100 luck and it would make crit percentage higher?
  9. If you want to optimize the levels of your mag you will want 53 dex. One level on your mag does not matter, but for efficiency you will max dex with 53. The .4 and .8 in game are exactly the same. The dex stat caps, so you can't get additional bonus for going over.
  10. Purplenum - Magic Hammer - ep2 deldepth - vh
  11. Ya but someone was asking about it on the event topic so i thought i'd post its location
  12. Godric's/Ability Yellowboze Very Hard Episode 1 Booma
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