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  1. Go ahead and do that if you do not want to be part of the ultima staff anymore. Mess with @Larva and his dark weapons and he will remove you.
  2. Why is it that 5 out of the last 6 happyhours (saturday evening being the exception) have started between 12pm-2pm est?
  3. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Pyro Goran drops tripolic reflector. The sword must have been a different enemy.
  4. Bye Everyone ^^

    Nice poem. Good luck!
  5. I might be the only one, but I do not like the PS reversal idea. The tediousness of creating yet another account was the only thing keeping the pd supply in check. Allow one character to hold almost 10,000 pds and the supply will increase. Currently, the value of pds is trending negatively. Implement this and pd value will never recover. #pdlivesmatter
  6. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Me too!
  7. Official Max Stats Guide

    For RAmarl you only need 29 Dex for adept plan and 69 Dex for no unit plan. It will give one more mat each way for those who want to be as efficient as possible. Great guide! Nice work!
  8. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    Very Hard Garanz ep 1 Whitill - Harmonic Resonance Core.
  9. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    Ultimate Baranz ep 1 whitill - Harmonic Resonance Core
  10. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    I would like to join. Ramar, Ramarl and Racast each lvl 200. Thanks!
  11. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    Zu - Ult - Greenill - Rambling May
  12. Is it still possible for the launcher to update with XP? I followed all instructions on launcher update and it says "checking for updates" for a few minutes. Then, Error: Unable to connect to remote server. I can still play, but I don't see how many players are online. I think I'm SOL when event starts...
  13. Confirmed Christmas Drops - 2016

    Greenill Vol Opt Ult - Asteron Belt
  14. Confirmed Christmas Drops - 2016

    Greenill Barba Ray Ult - Crazy Tune Greenill Ep1 Dragon Vh - Green Ring
  15. Ultima Christmas Event 2016

    Earth wand brownie confirmed on greenill from ult gol dragon. Tablet confirmed on greenill from ult gal gryphon. Good luck, everyone!