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  2. How many portuguese dads are enough for you to say "wow that's enough portuguese dads, but i love them all"?

    1. R-78



    2. RocketTots


      Can you really ever have too many Portuguese dads?

    3. jezbuz


      But what if they start fighting over TA records? 🙄😞

  3. Como o Kotta referenciou, só droppa durante o evento relativo ao aniversário do servidor. Normalmente esse evento acontece em novembro e tem duração limitada (3-4 semanas). Quantos aos IDs que dropam, normalmente são consistentes com os dos outros anos pelo que podes basear-te nas tabelas de drops dos evento anteriores. Portanto, se quiseres muito esse item, terás que esperar até novembro, ou então sempre podes comprar de alguém que tenha. Se estiveres inclinado a comprar, Informa-te bem dos preços e como a economia no ultima funciona, nomeadamente o sistema de DTs que não é muito intuitivo para quem está a começar. Qualquer coisa que necessites, podes contactar-me aqui pelo forúm. Boa sorte!
  4. Did you know that all world is portuguese, making you the realest portuguese alive? Here's the unrefutable proof that science provides:


    1. RocketTots


      I am Portugal?giphy.gif

    2. Yannv


      Actually you all are Mario and therefore you are going to Brazil 


    3. jezbuz


      @Yannv toma aí um gif de mãe divorciada de facebook com 50 anos (fora de brincadeira, a minha tia Alzira uma vez pôs um gif semelhante e passa a vida a dizer mal do Brasil):


  5. @RocketTots @Lipelis 



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    2. jezbuz


      Ahoy mine new bf @Yannv

    3. jezbuz


      I think i still need more bfs. @Kotta @Ricardof14 read fast!

    4. Kotta


      I tried, but I wasn't fast enough. It took me almost two seconds :onion-head48:


  6. jezbuz

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    Oh, sorry for doubting you bb. It's better being a r-word than a cheater.
  7. jezbuz

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    WAIT. I thought i was your ONLY boyfriend. I'm the one suposed to be the one that has 2 boyfriends. And you know i'm only dating @Lipelisbecause he's a GM and gives us DTs and pizza hut discount tickets, so we can live better and feed our 10 lemurs.
  8. jezbuz

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    Also that's very uncalled for and if you don't want people to troll you, you should be more cleaver on how to deal and talk with people, because comments like that are the reason why people will troll you even more. But worry not mate! I brought you a Sanic Gif to enlighten your heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  9. jezbuz

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    I guess there's no way of removing the shoutbox (i guess nobody would have the work of coding or even predicting an insignifcant feature - in terms of adding a feature like that for a niche group of people that don't want to see the shoutbox - like that, but i might be wrong). Ironically, the best place to probably reach out people that know anything about this, is the shoutbox. I'm not a priest/father to give moral teachings to anyone, but the shoutbox, despite the casual trolling/shit talking, is a good place to engage with people efficiently. I understand you might not review yourself there or fit on it, but well... there's no problem in simply not using it or not looking into it (which i guess it's a way more efficient way, than coding a feature to remove it). But well, might be a good idea to ping @R-78 or @Soly to clarify you about this topic, so i'm doing that for you. Cheers
  10. Dunno, your definition of "alot", but i have 7 or 8 spheres i could sell for DTs (still need to verify the correct number). What's the rate that you find most fair?
  11. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest boiola in the world


  12. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest whale in the world




  13. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest little girl in the world


    Massive respekt and may the anchor protecs you from the storms of life


  14. T > Zalure S-rank Jcutter for Zalure S-Rank Launcher or 3 Nakas

  15. nice eyelashes sis. do you brush them daily?

    1. RocketTots


      tenor.gif Feelin' pretty cute. Might go whaling later idk

  16. Me rompiste la ventana... ahora que?!





    (Miss you my little shit)

    1. pishion


      hahahaha what you gonna do lil scarface? stay in cuba hahaha!!! yeah im installing this thing atm

    2. jezbuz


      *mini-cuba have some respect Juan Paulo!

  17. Still haven't seen you click your mouse. I guess that's not proven enough
  18. All opinions are valid here, as long as we keep it decently polite. Its great to have a community input, but ultimately it's not a decision made by us. I guess we all should reflect on how we expressed ourselves (me included and i know i have had some excessive trolling in the past, even when i tend to just say nonsense and try to not offend people or be vulgar), even tho i'm not much active in past year and half. I guess we all gave our inputs, but i think it's time for us to move on and let it be. Even tho i not a fan of Saber, i think this is more than enough and keep going this is counter-productive
  19. RocketTots, first of his name, the newbie repellent. Whale pants lover and the reason of the low ultima's player base.
  20. It's true. The problem with it, is that usually when people don't care they simply don't interact, but you are constantly being noisy and intrusive towards people (and we humans don't like intrusive people by nature - which is hard for you to acknowledge a simply thing like that). You love that, you can't stay a second out of any drama. You don't lose an opportunity to stay quiet or to shut up at a minimun provocation (hence why people like to provoke you, because they know how it works). But after all, it's always everyones fault but you. And that's fine. Being an asshole is completely fine to me, i tend to like asshole people and i respect people that stay with their opinions. It's just that you sometimes don't understand "basic social interactions", which is a basic skill that you need as moderator. Imo, you did a very bad work as connecting with people and the community in general. You are always victimizing that "aww people are this and that and they are affiliated with RocketTots so they will never like me". No Wilson, alot of people don't go along with you and don't even speak with RocketTots or anyone in Triforce. Saying that someone hates you because he's a triforcer or is friends with Tots, it's the same as saying they don't have a brain to think by themselves. Why someone would have to dislike you or shit on you just because they have friends that don't like you? Instead of being a victim, you could simply think that the problem must be you, not the others. Also, you know what you say about everyone around, correct? How do you want people respect you, after everything you said about certain people? And you know it's not exclusively from triforcers. Saying this, i don't think fit as a moderator, but i must say i don't agree with this topic anyways. I don't think it was necessary, but well at least people can express themselves here, which is kinda the way ultima's community does things. You have the "energy" to make things move, but ultimately i don't think you fit as moderator or authority in this community. Ultima is not a place were the vast majority that people come attracted to play competitive. People just want to relax a bit, socialize a bit and play a bit psobb to turn off the brain after a tiresome day.
  21. Damn, i thought it was a topic about whales. i'm so disappointed and offended
  22. Se puderes loggar agora, eu posso dar-te alguma meseta
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