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  1. It's always a subjective topic and that's fine. Even tho we are both clowns, cheers for having a positive interaction attitude and raising your valid argues in an educated way But ultimately my "Imaginary Hatred" is for HUneys and not HUmars 😌
  2. I meant more a total rethink of her stats distribution, not just buffing ATK. Even tho ATK might be an issue, her overall distribution of stats, doesn't feel quite right in my opinion. She's not well designed for Ultima. Not that it adds in favour of my argument, but it's +/- hard to efficiently max her stats, because her stats distribution are weird. Also, a Hunter whose main perk is MST never will be "competitive" enough when compared to the other classes inside the hunter's family. HUcast for example has a better stats distribuition and it's design more correctly for the role. Yeah, her ATA is definitly an issue. It's +/- comparable to HUcast, but HUcasts have traps, which help you to have better control over the spawns. Also better control over "manual evasion" in some specific situations and overcome a bit the low ATA issue. I think even tho HUmar could theoretically overcome HUcast stats with SD 15, that wouldn't outclass HUcast at all. Traps are a very valuable in the late "meta" game experience as solo DF playstyle.
  3. Your points are totally fair and valid, but well i have a totally different view on HUney. I just can't make HUney work for me. It's the class i like the less in the game. And i prefer soloing with HUmar (even tho i don't play much HUmar tbh) than HUney. Something about HUney that doesn't feel right, especially when your hunter playstyle resolves around DFing (Huney is weaker and misses more). The damage and the animations are a big turn down for me. I think it all depends on the playstyle of each one, for me HUney is the worst class for the job of hunter. With that being said, i'm not saying the class is trash or nobody should play it, but definitely it is not the best candidate for a DFing solo playstyle. HUney has it's value for sure, i guess it's just not my "cup of tea" and her value is more associated with playing in teams, rather than soloing. And yeah, LVL 15 SD would spice things up, no doubt. Although, i don't think it's a mandatory thing and i find HUmar a cool niche class that is good as it is, in my opinion. I would rather see a rework on HUney's stats tbh
  4. HUmar is the 2nd highest ATK character in the game. Has a good selection of usabe gear, like PRs, SS, Macho Blades (can be wrong on this one, i don't recall now) etc. I wouldn't say HUmar is that bad or requires a tweak. Not trying to stir debate, but on my personal opinion HUmar is better than HUney on his job and people chose to play HUney more (probably because asthetics? I don't know) and they usually like it. HUney has has access to lindcray (which is an advantage compared to HUmar), lvl20 SDJZ (another advantage), but that's it. Overall worst animations, less stats overall, no PRs and gets knock-down by more things. I think the problem with HUmar is more a pre-concept thing rather than being inherently bad. And the fact that HUcast exists and outclasses the HUmar. Hugs
  5. Now you're asking the question everyone wants to know, but it's afraid to ask. You're a truly tongue kiss activist. BIG THICC XOXO
  6. Other than trying to get PDs dropped, you cam get PDs: 1) World of Illusion (WOI for short) quest (Ultimate difficulty) requires proper gear and a proper team and some level of spawn knowledge (practice makes perfection); 2) Economy basic principle: Selling gear to other players. Simple and effective; 3) Some other quests that reward you, or have PDs on it. Examples: HoD 1 or 2 or IDS etc. Not a very efficient cost/benefit option, but you can always get neat gear for you or to sell; As some people stated before, everytime you need help it's better to use the shoutbox here on forum or use our discord channel, instead of making a new topic. It's a way better way to engange with people: easier, simpler, faster and not annoying
  7. Rsrsrsrsrsrsrsrrssrsrsrssssss
  8. How many portuguese dads are enough for you to say "wow that's enough portuguese dads, but i love them all"?

    1. R-78



    2. RocketTots


      Can you really ever have too many Portuguese dads?

    3. jezbuz


      But what if they start fighting over TA records? 🙄😞

  9. Como o Kotta referenciou, só droppa durante o evento relativo ao aniversário do servidor. Normalmente esse evento acontece em novembro e tem duração limitada (3-4 semanas). Quantos aos IDs que dropam, normalmente são consistentes com os dos outros anos pelo que podes basear-te nas tabelas de drops dos evento anteriores. Portanto, se quiseres muito esse item, terás que esperar até novembro, ou então sempre podes comprar de alguém que tenha. Se estiveres inclinado a comprar, Informa-te bem dos preços e como a economia no ultima funciona, nomeadamente o sistema de DTs que não é muito intuitivo para quem está a começar. Qualquer coisa que necessites, podes contactar-me aqui pelo forúm. Boa sorte!
  10. Did you know that all world is portuguese, making you the realest portuguese alive? Here's the unrefutable proof that science provides:


    1. RocketTots


      I am Portugal?giphy.gif

    2. Yannv


      Actually you all are Mario and therefore you are going to Brazil 


    3. jezbuz


      @Yannv toma aí um gif de mãe divorciada de facebook com 50 anos (fora de brincadeira, a minha tia Alzira uma vez pôs um gif semelhante e passa a vida a dizer mal do Brasil):


  11. @RocketTots @Lipelis 



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    2. jezbuz


      Ahoy mine new bf @Yannv

    3. jezbuz


      I think i still need more bfs. @Kotta @Ricardof14 read fast!

    4. Kotta


      I tried, but I wasn't fast enough. It took me almost two seconds :onion-head48:


  12. jezbuz

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    Oh, sorry for doubting you bb. It's better being a r-word than a cheater.
  13. jezbuz

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    WAIT. I thought i was your ONLY boyfriend. I'm the one suposed to be the one that has 2 boyfriends. And you know i'm only dating @Lipelisbecause he's a GM and gives us DTs and pizza hut discount tickets, so we can live better and feed our 10 lemurs.
  14. jezbuz

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    Also that's very uncalled for and if you don't want people to troll you, you should be more cleaver on how to deal and talk with people, because comments like that are the reason why people will troll you even more. But worry not mate! I brought you a Sanic Gif to enlighten your heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  15. jezbuz

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    I guess there's no way of removing the shoutbox (i guess nobody would have the work of coding or even predicting an insignifcant feature - in terms of adding a feature like that for a niche group of people that don't want to see the shoutbox - like that, but i might be wrong). Ironically, the best place to probably reach out people that know anything about this, is the shoutbox. I'm not a priest/father to give moral teachings to anyone, but the shoutbox, despite the casual trolling/shit talking, is a good place to engage with people efficiently. I understand you might not review yourself there or fit on it, but well... there's no problem in simply not using it or not looking into it (which i guess it's a way more efficient way, than coding a feature to remove it). But well, might be a good idea to ping @R-78 or @Soly to clarify you about this topic, so i'm doing that for you. Cheers
  16. Dunno, your definition of "alot", but i have 7 or 8 spheres i could sell for DTs (still need to verify the correct number). What's the rate that you find most fair?
  17. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest boiola in the world


  18. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest whale in the world




  19. Just came here to salut my favorite and realest little girl in the world


    Massive respekt and may the anchor protecs you from the storms of life


  20. T > Zalure S-rank Jcutter for Zalure S-Rank Launcher or 3 Nakas

  21. nice eyelashes sis. do you brush them daily?

    1. RocketTots


      tenor.gif Feelin' pretty cute. Might go whaling later idk

  22. Me rompiste la ventana... ahora que?!





    (Miss you my little shit)

    1. pishion


      hahahaha what you gonna do lil scarface? stay in cuba hahaha!!! yeah im installing this thing atm

    2. jezbuz


      *mini-cuba have some respect Juan Paulo!

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