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  1. Slicer of vengeance - astark - ep4 - ultimate - purplenum Rianov 2 - del rappy - ep4 - ultimate - purplenum
  2. Shin

    New Year Cards 2020

    Can we use the cards to increase the base atp of weapons? For example, serene swan has a base atp range of 5-15. Could we use the cards for that purpose? Great idea for the cards this year!
  3. Phonon Maser - recon - ult ep2 - redria
  4. Arrest Booster - Ep4 - Saint-Milion - Ult - Purplenum
  5. Maybe the tower skin or possibly the custom HUD. Or both.
  6. Naka card - ep1 - vol opt v.2 - ultimate - greenill
  7. Aaaaaaaaaayyyyyooooooooo
  8. Shin

    Halloween Event 2019

    Thank you. Was short and sweet. Pumpkins were farmed. Fun was had. There were many clones of @RocketTots. Hopefully we can get a full month next year.
  9. Redria - Goran Detonator - Bug-Catching Net - Hard - Ep4
  10. You can get flowen's frame from purplenum nar lilly on ep2 very hard with a 7/8 rate. With the current rare enemy boost you should be able to get it easily.
  11. Oran - Del Lilly - Ultimate -Episode 2 - Bomb Chu
  12. Greenill - Shambertin - Episode 4 - Ultimate - Rianov 5
  13. Fire Rod - Purplenum - Sand Rappy - Ultimate Ep 4
  14. Thank you! I love this event. After all, you never forget your first...
  15. I was able to hell the morphos but it was totally different than it used to be.
  16. Guildcard - 42201751 Character slot - 2 All of the items are in the character bank. Thank you.
  17. Mud is right in that this won't matter eventually, but for now, maybe consider Greenill for RAcast. You can get frozen shooter, panzer faust (turns into iron faust) and rainov-5. Add a psycho raven (even a blank one does well) and you can hunt for all of the event items.
  18. I noticed some issues with the names of the Metal/Body variants. Here are shots of the bank having 2 Metal/Body+ and the item reader showing that 1 is actually supposed to be a Metal/Body++ as per the two different defense ratings. Here are the shots of them on the ground Also, Metal/Body-- is showing up as Metal/Body- I thought it was an issue with the item reader at first, but the two Metal/Body+ in the game display two separate defense ratings. My files are all up to date through the launcher.
  19. Can we have the summer event monster buff to morphos removed? He didn't notice that I was shooting him with a hell shot.
  20. Shin

    Hit Event 2019!

    Thank you @R-78 and the rest of the staff for this hit event. Was super fast and easy to redeem (especially because JADE took care of it for me).
  21. Found this during the Valentine's Event. Also found 43 Glide Divine V.00's along the way and was called a hacker for it.
  22. Shin

    Hit Event 2019!

    Perhaps you could have a trustworthy person like @JADE complete the transaction on your behalf?
  23. Shin

    Hit Event 2019!

    What are the rules regarding 3 stat weapons like 0/30/30/30? Can we move a stat to add hit like 0/45/45/0?
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