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  1. I have one for sale at 9 DTs
  2. Shop updated! Some event goodies (stellar shards, proof of sonic team) and a few other thingies: This way!
  3. I've seen prices like 7-10 dts if that can help!
  4. I have a 3 stat one on my RA and it's okay regarding accuracy, but tbh I would have preferred 2 stats + hit because in the end I will still need two sets of PR to cover the missing stat.
  5. B > Ultima Reaper with hit :onion-head21:

  6. Just saw your message, still here? I'm gonna make a room C Bullet and sit there just in case you come back, pass is 123!
  7. No problem, I'm online right now, or else tell me when we can meet up! 🙂
  8. Sure, what is the current conversion rate from pds to dts?
  9. I can be online in approx 15 minutes if that's alright with you!
  10. Added a few hit Crush Bullets: Crush Bullet [0/25/25/0|40] - 35 pds Crush Bullet [0/0/35/0|30] - 12 pds Crush Bullet [0/0/0/0|25] - 8 pds Crush Bullet [0/20/0/0|30] - 12 pds
  11. Coming in a minute! Can you make a room?
  12. @Alcadeias Sure, just tell me when we can meet up, I'll be online most of the day (10 AM here)! @ThunderVivienne Whenever you're available, I'll hop online! 🙂
  13. @killswitch Sure, I'm online now if you're still around. @Clappy Sorry someone else sent me a request for this one before you did 🙁 I'll get back to you if he doesn't show up!
  14. Back to the game so I've updated the shop a bit! 🙂
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