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  1. Withill hilde blu frozen shooter ultimate
  2. @Lordwin got them bow thanks though Close please
  3. Wish I knew about the calculator 10 years ago xD
  4. Thank you both for the advice I will bear it in mind! Will definitely invest in telsisus mag! And didn't think hucast males could wear wedding dress? Or am I thinking of a different armour? Only maxed atp and ata :L and @Kotta I am max level lol. Gave my maxed tjs to iron sheik for his collection and haven't really played properly for few years so just getting back to it really but thank you for all advice! And haha DF is to rich for my blood unless this year I get a pgf
  5. Looking for some advice on my hucast build what would be best to swap out to increase power any recommendations welcome armour mag weapons barrier slots Mag agastya 5 172 23 0 red ring 30 30 30 5 5 samurai armour 4 slot Slots: cent arms Cent battle Cent power Cent power Weps: Psycoravens +80 0 0 50 35 45 hit Slicer of fanatic +30 35 0 30 0 40hit Serene swan +80 0 0 0 40 0hit Bombchu
  6. Will pay in pds thank youuu
  7. Serene swan il.take let me sell me some stuff
  8. S

    1. ZenReborn


      Calm down, Eminem 😅

    2. Link1990


      Pffttt it's slim shady 🤣🤣

  9. Blue dream shield 10pds Aka 47 sheild 10pds Yasakani- magatama 1pd Sonic magazine untekked with hit 2pd Ashura mag cell 2pd Heaven striker coat 3pd Harmonic resonance core x2 23pd each Sinow berills arms x2 2pd each Gi gues body 1pd Delsabers left arm 2pd Centurion tp 5pds Limiter 10pds? V501 3pd V101 3pd Sacred bow dark 40 35 hit 15pd sold Psycho wand 40a beast 35 dark 10pd Heaven punisher 30 Nat 35 a beast 5pd -sold Panzer faust 30 Nat 30 machine 5pd Yas9000m 0s 1pd Ricos parasol 40 a beast 40 machine 8pd Disk vol 1: wedding march offer Disk vol 2: day ligh offer Disk vol 4: open your heart offer Sorcerors right arm 2pd Boom as right arm 1pd Gigboomba right arm 2pd Gal wing x2 2pd each Wants: Pds Open to offers
  10. Will pay in dts let me know stats and how much
  11. Pds ready need a mag for my friends ranger 45 dex min please message me or comment below need both ASAP let me know stats on spread
  12. Probaly needs adding to your firewall and anti virus. Curious why your running as Windows 8 compatible rather then the normal Windows mode you have though? That also might be bugging it up! More info needed
  13. Hucast, because I stated playing on dreamcast and wanted to be able to use magic and daggers +1 🤣 hehe the good old days of being young and playing with mates on the dreamcast and gamecube offline
  14. Ahh turtle nub ^.^, long time no see :) hope all is well!? Hopefully see you in gamesoon :)


    -ultimas best nub

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    2. Link1990


      Glad to hear it, yes I am very well thank you.


      Haha that's good to know :D


      If you dont reseta you made mistakea!

    3. R-78


      Past month I've pretty much ever logged only to play CTU, so might not see me often lobbying

    4. Link1990


      Ahh I see I see, that's a shame :L il dm you on dc 

  15. It didn't take long to become bankrupt 😅 but I'm back again now for the grind and to do more give aways in the near future 💪
  16. Winner il give u 5pds tomorrow, if u want to add a game then please do, il pay for the next winner of your game also Screen shot a small image of the game not full image to make it harder/more fun
  17. Still available to guessing, I'm. Going bed now so if anyone gets it correct il give you the 5pds tomorrow, in any case if anyone wants to carry on the game by adding there own screen shots they are more welcome!
  18. Winner damn even got console correct haha! Next one up
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