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  1. Well I have been using a v502 and picked up a RR today. Good times. Thanks guys!
  2. 🐐^ I do have a 50 hit Hell Raygun from the episode 4 quest which is working well. Just trying to plan out what is next as I get closer to 200. It is just that sometimes It can take 5 or 6 special attacks to kill a gee despite being near maxed on ATA (RAmar)
  3. Best HELL ranged weapon? (in your humble opinions , I tend to see these being used the most ) TypeSH/Shot + special (lower chance to hit, but more targets?) Yasminkov 7000V + special (wider cone to auto-aim, highest ATA, short distance) Asteron Striker (narrow cone, still good ATA, long distance, auto-lock??, Divine Punishment??) Something else? Does hit% matter? I think I remember someone explaining that the game first calculates if the attack hits, and after that calculates if it will insta-kill Do % other than hit effect the damage output from Charge attacks? (Baranz/Charge Vulcans/etc)
  4. At least with the floor reader any excitement of seeing a red box is short lived?
  5. B>Red Ring / S/T>75h Baranz, Hylian Sheild

    1. Terrybriggs711


      I have the guardian angel costume  if you'd wanna work somthing out for tht hylain shield , pm me

  6. Can specials be added to Yasminkov/Type weapons at any time or only during special events? If so how?
  7. Happy birthday buddy

    1. CGault11


      Thank you friend! 

  8. I don't think it is fair for me to reply to the first question as I haven't been through all of them. So far I have enjoyed Valentines more than Christmas (more people hunting different things) but obviously PGF would be nice to have. My write in ballot would be a hit% event. I have some top tier weapons without hit% I would love to make better
  9. B>hit event/chromatic orb/ROCTrewardredswordtoreplacemy0hit Seriously though, thank you for always being helpful. I am excited to keep chugging away with this HUmar as it was my first character. Not sure how bobbing and weaving works when all the enemies are faster than me. I guess it is a combination of stun dodge and attack right after the dodge. If anyone has good videos of HUmar playstyle on this server in Ultimate it would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Thank you, it seems that in short, i need to "git gud" if i want to solo HUmar in ult. Follow up question - does Crimson Sword / Holy Ray need hit% to be effective? And by effective mean i can reliably expect enemies to be paralyzed?
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