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  1. Well I have been using a v502 and picked up a RR today. Good times. Thanks guys!
  2. 🐐^ I do have a 50 hit Hell Raygun from the episode 4 quest which is working well. Just trying to plan out what is next as I get closer to 200. It is just that sometimes It can take 5 or 6 special attacks to kill a gee despite being near maxed on ATA (RAmar)
  3. Best HELL ranged weapon? (in your humble opinions , I tend to see these being used the most ) TypeSH/Shot + special (lower chance to hit, but more targets?) Yasminkov 7000V + special (wider cone to auto-aim, highest ATA, short distance) Asteron Striker (narrow cone, still good ATA, long distance, auto-lock??, Divine Punishment??) Something else? Does hit% matter? I think I remember someone explaining that the game first calculates if the attack hits, and after that calculates if it will insta-kill Do % other than hit effect the damage output from Charge attacks? (Baranz/Charge Vulcans/etc)
  4. At least with the floor reader any excitement of seeing a red box is short lived?
  5. B>Red Ring / S/T>75h Baranz, Hylian Sheild

    1. Terrybriggs711


      I have the guardian angel costume  if you'd wanna work somthing out for tht hylain shield , pm me

  6. Can specials be added to Yasminkov/Type weapons at any time or only during special events? If so how?
  7. Happy birthday buddy

    1. CGault11


      Thank you friend! 

  8. I don't think it is fair for me to reply to the first question as I haven't been through all of them. So far I have enjoyed Valentines more than Christmas (more people hunting different things) but obviously PGF would be nice to have. My write in ballot would be a hit% event. I have some top tier weapons without hit% I would love to make better
  9. B>hit event/chromatic orb/ROCTrewardredswordtoreplacemy0hit Seriously though, thank you for always being helpful. I am excited to keep chugging away with this HUmar as it was my first character. Not sure how bobbing and weaving works when all the enemies are faster than me. I guess it is a combination of stun dodge and attack right after the dodge. If anyone has good videos of HUmar playstyle on this server in Ultimate it would be greatly appreciated.
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