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  1. Pin

    Random ban?

    All i can do is wait now. Maybe green has come back to destroy me after all this time. Idk. I wish i could say something to defend myself but people are guilty until proven innocent. All i can do is cry. Ill ask my brother but i doubt he'd do this. I feel its someone that i made beef with here. And whoever that is if your watching im sorry. I was young and hungry and yea maybe i did do too much to you in that situation. But i didnt get you banned you quit on your own. Could be moon too. Im sorry if i could go back i wouldnt have f'd with you. And if its broom dude why you got to pick on me. Yo
  2. Pin

    Random ban?

    Now if this happened while i wasnt here idk. maybe im getting too emotional for no reason. Atleast help me change my password or discuss it with me to get the facts before you hit me with that. I dont even know how long this was instated cause i havent logged in for over a month cause ive been busy. So if youve seen me running round it couldnt have been me. Ive been out of town.
  3. Pin

    Random ban?

    huh? cheating mobs who? whats an hp? heavens punisher? i dont cheat and never have this is insulting. I stopped playing a whole month and i wasnt banned i barily played even then. Unless someone had it out for me. Which wouldnt surprise me at all. People always mess with me here thats why i dont have friends. They back stab you. This is crap. Ive been here over 5 years and never did a thing wrong but argue a few times or complain. I feel hurt more than anything. But i guess thats how people do you when you keep it G. You can believe what you want but unless ive been framed idk anything about a
  4. Briiing me sweet cooorn!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Cyane


      i'm the great mighty poo and i'm going to throw my corn at you

    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      I noticed lol Played that game way too much , especially multiplayer with my family.

    4. Akira_Mado


      Cyan has officially stopped being lady-like.

  5. Cant remember my 2nd accounts gc# i got to write it down. smh xd

  6. Pin

    Random ban?

    42014919, however i dont know my other accounts gc just my main xd
  7. Well i tried to login to see if i could find Shade today then blam you are banned pops up like umm??? I tried restarting cpu and unplugging modem but nothing worked please help
  8. better not have no panties on next time you see me

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    2. Cyane


      stripped one's or with teddies!

    3. Pin


      im interested in teddies lol

    4. leezy


      I'm a panty sniffer and my girl know it..I be wearing it on my head,,when I'm motor boating

  9. Whats good bro?

    1. leezy


      Eurr thang

    2. Trigunman


      what's so damn good about it? XD

  10. This right here forever ever...

  11. Pin

    Easter Event 2015

    Would really appreciate atleast the ids of what drops hundred souls. i know saint million drops i heard atleast but hunting aimlessly isnt my thing. Its hard enough to get a drop as it is. to then not know what your hunting adds insult to injury. like i could hunt whitill to gamble and end up finding out whitill doesnt drop period. which would crush anybody xd
  12. i can live without my proof or the mag in all honesty. but i cant go without my baby milla. i was just about to use him.
  13. As the title says i was lost 3 items in a dc but most importantly is one item i cant go without. I also lost a elonor mag and a proof of sword saint. all 3 in one swoop
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