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  1. I have a Asuka on sale for 4 pds
  2. I'll take adept off your hands. PM'd
  3. bump looking for more offers
  4. Title says it all. Reasonable offers please.
  5. B>Master Sword(low stats) PM me

  6. I have a fonewm and fomar, thank u for this guide (pretend I said that four years ago)[emoji14] Sent from my GT-P5210 using Tapatalk
  7. Cleaning my bank Hold Gungnir 0/0/0/40/45 Vjaya 0'd Charge Sawcer 0/0/25/0/40 Charge Diska +1 0/15/0/0/45 Slicer of Assassin 0'd Diska of Braveman 15/0/0/0 Hold Laser +8 0/30/0/0/50 Justy-23ST +1 20/0/0/20 Master's Vulcan +4 0/0/0/20/50 Thunder Arms +1 0/5/0/0/45 Crush Bullet 5/15/0/0 Meteor Smash 0'd Alive Aqhu 25/0/25/0 Valkyrie 0/0/0/35 Earth Wand Brownie 0/0/0/35 Silence Claw 0/25/25/0 Double Saber +10 0'd Angry Fist 10/0/15/0 Sonic Knuckle 0/20/0/30 Agito 0/0/10/0 Inferno Bazooka 10/15/0/0 Red Handgun 25/0/0/25 Hildeblue's Cane +2 0'd The Sigh Of A God 0/50/0/0 Yamato +3 0/15/0/0 Red Scorpio 0/15/0/0 Demolition Comet 0/30/55/0 Vivienne 0/0/25/0 Flamberge +1 0/0/30/0 Stink Frame 2 slots Sacred Cloth 3 slots Crismon Coat 1 slot Gibarta Merge God/Mind God/Arm God/Hp x2 God/Luck Master/Ablity Hero/Ability x3 God/Ability Perfect/Resist Wizard/Tech x2 Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse V801 Baby Mags x7 (2:1) S-Beat's Arms X2 Delsaber's Left Arm Hildebears Head x4 Hildeblues Head x2 Gal Gryhon's Wing Rappy Wing x8 Magic Stone "Iritista" Magic Rock "Moola" x2 Star Amplifier x2 Kit of Mark3 Tablet Heaven Striker Coat Heart Of Moro Ashura Mag Cell Wants: PDs Mats (preferably Pow)
  8. Nick Dansby


    I have 20 DTS I want to put to good use, pm me
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