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  1. Hello ultima universe again

  2. May not be playing as much PSO as usual. I gotta try to find a nice used car to buy. Once i get one i'll probs be back on a lot again

    1. Stark 1
    2. Soly


      Good luck!

    3. yolkix2


      Hoppin I'm not getting a PGF lol it isn't happening haha

  3. B> Someone willing to deliver taco bell to me :3

    1. fatboy


      lol. too lazy to go drive through?

    2. yolkix2


      I don't have a car at the moment or believe me i'd be there

    3. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      I am eating some Taco Bell right now. XXL Chicken Nachos.

  4. Most of this is my personal opinion and just observations I've made playing pso over the years. Hope it helps! I think if you have a team of 4 facing de rol le then it doesn't matter as much one person not moving and taking his tentacle while the rest just destroy him. Though if you're by yourself it'll definitely waste a lot of time not moving from it. When falz possesses you i think it's cool to hit him if you have a scapedoll on point or someone with moons ready is standing right next to you. Again, if you're playing by yourself it's probably best not to hit him unless you have a scapedoll. When I play by myself, I definitely hide right after the door to where I can hit the enemies but they don't recognize me. I also wait until my tp runs out completely before i refill it which means I'd have to run away to refill it. I think if you're being gangbanged, it's common to get your ass outta there and run so you don't die. About the photon percentages.. Some people take their pb to heart and they'll get pissed if someone uses it or messes it up only because it will effect everyone. If you have myla and youla, or twins, then people want you to save your pb until they have theirs. That way you can use twins and when they use something else they will get the benefits from your pb twins. and after they are buffed from it, they often can deal 50%-75% more damage! So if i had my pb i'd always say "100" just to let everyone know so we can get synced up to use them.
  5. I was leveling up my fomarl in hard mode by doing the Wrath of Forest quest. Since it is 5xp, i was in a room with about 6 mothvists. As they would let the mothmants out, i'd back into a corner and use razonde to kill all of the stupid flies and get about 3000xp. Then wait until a bunch more come out and repeat. But at one point i had to use a pipe to go get fluids and sell some items and when i came back i tried using this strategy again. Though everytime i'd kill these mothmants i wouldn't get the xp for them.. Idk if this happened in the actual game of if this is some bug but i killed like 12000xp worth of them without getting the experience for the kill. Is this just a part of the game or can it be fixed?
  6. Hahaha Don't worry about it buddy
  7. Pretty sure the drop isn't working because I don't know of anyone who has found it yet. Idk if it goes by section ID but I've been hunting a lot and i know other people have too and have yet to have heard of anyone who has found it.
  8. In the dressing room i noticed my head was changed.. I changed it back and it worked thanks
  9. Thinking about switching things up and making a force. FOmar maybe? If i do idk what good mag stats would be though.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. yolkix2


      I don't have excal though and i have no idea how to use my materials

    3. yolkix2


      to balance out any char.

    4. Fyrewolf5


      I made a fomar plan here: http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/9827-ask-a-quick-question-get-a-quick-answer/?p=112787

      You'll probably want to get a godric's cloak for fomar though, his ata sucks without it. Fomarl is strong though, female only gear is good stuff

  10. How many PD's you want for the Striker Unit mag? I'm making a FOmar :3
  11. So i go on PSO as Yolkix and do some hunting. Once i find a Standstill Shield, i put it in common bank and log out. I log back in as Pikachu and select Ultima ship and block 1 but as i'm in the connecting screen to enter the lobby, My PSO crashes every time. I can log in as Yolkix fine and even as my 2nd character Timber, but not Pikachu. Can someone help me out with this? I used to always be able to log in as Pikachu just fine.
  12. I believe when you begin the game with whatever character you chose and you're in the lobby, go to the counter. Instead of immediately clicking "Organize PARTY" go down and click "Team". Once you're there go to the "Master Menu" After the scroll down until you see the option to "Dissolve team". Click on that and your team should be disbanded. Hope this helps! Have a great time on our server! If you ever want help hunting anything i'm here
  13. I'd really love to have a pow sato with 45 dex if any still available! I like red blue or white colors as well
  14. Why is it that I'll practice by myself for hours and find nothng but the moment someone else joins shit drops and they take it? Everytime.

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    2. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      play with more elite players who dont look for a lot of things , they wont bother picking up most rares :)

    3. King Ra

      King Ra

      You could do that, but yea i know how it is. I am also very unlucky and rarely get good rares and it does get annoying but that is part of the game. That is also why i like trading haha don't have to worry about someone getting luckier than me. Nobody is luckier than me in trading :D

    4. yolkix2


      Hahah it'd be nice if I had anything to trade! but I lost all my 180+ levels in that bug so I can't search for anything worth trading and now I'm too weak to hunt. :P Bummer.

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