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  1. ultimate episode 2 baranz blueful photon booster
  2. Ultimate Episode 2 blueful delsaber rambling may
  3. Oran ult ep 4 astark Glide divine v.00
  4. EP 4 ultimate astark bamboo spear :v ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EP 4 ultimate oran ep 4 zu - love rappy beak dorphon - normal drop - lame d'argent
  5. I am particularly loving playing these. I always felt ep 4 was missing some good room clearing quests Thank you @R-78 this is great
  6. Thank you! As soon as I replied I realized what you meant. Thank you for your help. Using this add on isn't such an eye sore anymore
  7. Like in the configuration files? I am fumbling through them with only a bit of success, I managed to disable the windows I didn't need but still having a hard time manually setting the positoning.
  8. I asked this question in the original lua post but never seemed to get an answer. I installed all the add ons and they work no problem but the configurations and positioning of them never saves after I quit the game. Is there something I'm missing where I need to save the configurations?
  9. Bluefull ep 4 astark Slicer of Vengence :v
  10. Ult ep 4 blueful merissa A angel harp
  11. Ult episode 4 bluefull zu - last swan boota - amore rose pazuzu - ophelite sieze :v
  12. Ok this is great. For some reason the addons aren't saving positioning and aren't saving which ones I disabled. Am I missing a save button or do I need to fix my settings somewhere?
  13. how much is an STA going for these days

    1. Rivaul


      230-250 dts Depending on the seller

    2. mrchibbs


      Could be worse. Gotta start saving 🙃

  14. bluefull ultimate episode 1 crimson assassin - love rappy beak bluefull ultimate episode 1 delsaber - dress plate
  15. Awesome! can't wait to hunt. Thanks Larva & Ultima team!
  16. this is a very cool idea lol, sad to see you leave. Anyway, 476
  17. B> Stellar Shard 99pds

  18. Rambling may - Whitill - Very Hard - canadine - mines - EP 1
  19. It is baranz, I just got one skyly ultimate ep 1 baranz
  20. Will Chibbs have the will to bang his head against the wall this year? And by that I mean will I find a PGF this year.

    1. bobshlibidich
    2. MadOrNah


      Will you put a hole* in the wall with your head?

  21. Bluefull ep 1 ultimate mines sinow blue or red tyrfing sorry, I didn't see which one dropped it :/
  22. Oran Ult Vol Opt normal drop cross scar
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