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  1. Ult Ep1 Purplenum Del-D New Year's Card
  2. dem bitties in the background tho 👽
  3. Rambling May - EP1 - Ultimate - Canabin - Redria
  4. Ultimate - Ep2 - Whittil - Olga Flow - PGF confirmed
  5. Hello, I have played PSOBB in the past but as I tried to come back to it today I was greeted by this error. I have tried disabling my antivirus and firewall but it had no effect. I've never experienced this before and cannot for the life of me figure out what's wrong. My start up launcher updated fine but I get this message at the game main menu when I click start or patch download. The current game version I have is Ultima Ver 0.13. Is this correct? Thank you in advance!
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