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  1. B> 5 Dt's with PD's. PM me!

  2. Yes, only with that certain character. I tried again and got the same result.
  3. Guildcard: 42170311 Slot: 1 Date/Time: N/A Description: Game Freezes when entering the dressing room with character in slot 1. Comments: Game freezes right away and I am forced to close the game manually.
  4. My game crashes everytime I enter the dressing room as a certain character. . . what do I do?

  5. T> 110 PD's for DT's. PM me if we can work something out.

  6. lol, I did the conversion and 100 euro's will be around $110 . . . . I forgot the server runs on American money and not Canadian dollars
  7. Weapons: Arrest needle, Psycho raven(or a 50 hit charge vulcan), bringers arm, Canon Rouge, Ultima Reaper, Asteron Striker (or a 50 hit hell laser) Shield: Red Ring Armour: Wedding dress 100 euros will likely average out around 150 donation tickets so that will most likely get you most of these items. . .There are some fancier expensive items like the modified yasminkov weapons that have a special and Centurion battle, but if you can get most of those items I listed above that should be more than enough to equip your Ramar with necissary gear. This guide is outdated and doesn't contain some of the newer items that were added to the server, but overall should give you a decent idea of what to go for.
  8. I would love to get together on a weekend and run some C-mode!
  9. When was the last time there was an event to add specials?

    1. Fyrewolf5


      We had one in early March, idk if we've had another since then.

    2. Jaz0p


      Thanks, good to know. Was it just add a special to any blank weapon?

  10. Is there a specific time range that you will be online for the event?
  11. S> PBC and PR. . . Send me a PM if you are interested.

  12. S> 50 Hit Hell Raygun 20 PDS

    1. dwalters98


      sorry to throw this out here, but hell laser only sells for 10 pds with 50 hit, so I doubt you'll get any more than 10-15 for a raygun.

    2. Jaz0p


      Haha I got greedy. I'll sell it for 15 during this event

  13. Anyone want to do C mode sometime?

    1. makaveli


      im down. complete noob at it tho

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