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  1. help the cat it contaminated...milk milk milk milk milk

  2. one bad cat then another n another n another n another

  3. i no wat i it wrong but was going to quit any way so im banned for the second time..im not sorry it my fault ...tyo got deactived... by ultima it been fun while it lasted

  4. photon crystal u get them from rare monster normal n hard ep4
  5. hello ppl dont kill the ultima messager ok..or tyo will deactive u
  6. welcome to ur family of casually player like me..Enjoy
  7. ヘロー・アルティマー

  8. my picture is cute is it

  9. how dizz get in the mix....how ya get godrick lazy ass to move...i rather to be controll by the darkness...F@#K were doom
  10. im back kiddes did ya miss me...meow

    1. Dizzak420
    2. 209calibear


      no retard i like pussy

  11. im going to offline about 2 weeks until my net get fix or get at&t net...it going to suck

  12. i holpe i get a pgf too this year...or i going to cry..QQ

    1. Sylph777


      yeah why not? keep hoping and it will happen :)

  13. oopss..i forgot im the only one got 6 lvl200 Recaseals
  14. wen i first started i was in team TGT it was fun 4yr ago....i was working on my grace209 (Racaseal 140) then the team disbanned so i join pop tart team Red Knigths that how i met dizz.. purp..jane doe and others...
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