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  1. I logged back on yesterday and updated the game (I haven't been on in a couple months), when I logged into the game I went to equip my items and I couldn't find any of the items I had in my bank/inventory. So I went to an area where I could use my items, then I found out that I have all of my items, but all the names have changed for example my Dark Flow has now become Dark Bridge with the same exact stats that I had. Things like my V101 have changed to names of items I couldn"t even use if I had them, like Dark Meteor Storm and GM item names. This has happened on my separate account also, which I get an error with the game whenever I enter/create the game with one of my characters that has a lot of my equipment. I'm not too sure what is going on, but hopefully it's able to fix. If I had to, I could go through and see what I'm able to pin out, so far I know that I have my Dark Meteor and Dark Flow but the names have changed.
  2. LeVi

    DF for DM

    I have a DF with 0/0/100/100/80 (maxed stats) that I would like to trade for a DM with lower stats. Offers can be made.
  3. LeVi


    yes or selling df for dts
  4. LeVi


    S/T (RA Gear only) DF 0/0/100/100/80
  5. anyone have a low stat DF? PM me

  6. 9.Tily 3.four 4. invincibility candy 7. rad mobile 6. neither 10. Pura 1.two 2.Lawrence 5. Tat 8. penguin 11. Contessa 12. 50%
  7. Lvl 84 deleted from rollback played one day with her ...

    1. Stark 1

      Stark 1

      LOL are you referring to mikasa?

    2. makaveli
    3. LeVi


      Why yes I am lool.

  8. It would be nice to have either the Kusanagi or Meteor Cudgel thanks alot .
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