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  1. I give up, my hope pack its bags and left me, leaving me heartbroken crying in bed. #imleavingforeveruntilnextchristmas

  2. i love having 2 jobs, but my main focus is that PGF, got in trouble with one of my bosses for playing during HH :cc-laugh: #notgivinghopethisyear

  3. at this point, i believe this game hates me and wont drop that PGF for me. XD

  4. i still have some little hope that this year I will get a PFG. ............

    1. Abercio checa

      Abercio checa

      WE CAN GET IT! .....LETS GO RT 1000 MORE T_T



    1. Kotta


      If lucky, you can get one from this shop ;o


  6. Patiently waiting until Dark DNA event is up and running =] 

  7. another year hunting for Dark DNA thingy. Lets hope this is the year haha

  8. PSO2 SUCKS =[, it isnt the same. Oh im back, i bought a laptop =]

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    2. marie.valetine@gmail.com


      theres a difference between servers?

    3. Saber +7
    4. Emewn


      Huge difference. 

      NA is bootleg server that lags too much compared to JP server.

      Folks wanted to milk PSO2 NA knowing full well they could, but refuse to invest in a good server.

      Luckily updates are arriving faster than people thought. Won't be a repeat of PSU's failure.

  9. I AM BACK!

    1. yeyy


      where did u go


    2. Zabby


      oh hey mario

    3. marie.valetine@gmail.com



      my computer broke... so i got a new computer


  10. OMG WORK WAS CRAZY hahha finally some PSO.....  I MISSED YOU PSO

  11. B> Halo Rappy souls (3) 

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