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  1. I AM BACK!

    1. yeyy


      where did u go


    2. Zabby


      oh hey mario

    3. marie.valetine@gmail.com



      my computer broke... so i got a new computer


  2. OMG WORK WAS CRAZY hahha finally some PSO.....  I MISSED YOU PSO

  3. B> Halo Rappy souls (3) 

  4. HEY Name: Natasha Marie Contact me: either by email or fb or here.. or discord Miszmarie or instagram Miszmarie908 Hobbies: anime, make up, beach, D&D, Table top RGG, Video game, and world domination! oh and Magic the gathering Picture: well my profile has one and my instagram as more Miszmarie908 i love making friends =] lol
  5. S>EGG Blaster 0/50/50/0(50) for 15 pd

  6. How are you doing? feeling okay?

  7. B/T> devil wings  5/0/45/150 Mind mag

  8. new picture.. come and LOVE ME!!! =]

  9. B>devil wings Mind mag or T for a nidria mind mag

    1. gabriel123


      im have 20/20/30/130 devil wings


      What is the status of your nidra?

    2. marie.valetine@gmail.com


      5/0/45/150.. im looking for the same stats though

  10. T> Nidire Mind mag for a Devil wings Mind

  11. I tasted the POWER of Master Sword.. I WANT TJS sooo badly now!!!!!!!!! UGH

  12. UGH. i cant stay away. i miss my high level characters. BUT IM STILL MAD about PGF.... my opinions are mines. SOOO

  13. BYE EVERYONE. thank you so much for your kindness =]

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