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  1. 10 Anniversary Ultima

    Dat ten year blade!
  2. Triforce Event Drop Table 2018

    Hildetor greenill frozen shooter ep 1 ult. (Normal drop)
  3. 9th Anniversary Event Drops UNOFFICIAL

    Hand of justice - ult whitill, sinow zele
  4. 2017 New Event Item Poll

    Can't vote because i refuse to use the biased options in the poll.
  5. Ultima Christmas Event 2016

    Got a tablet from white gal.
  6. Halloween Event 2016

    Right there with you...if only I could have it maxed again.
  7. Halloween Event 2016

    Thank you Soly, that is a huge relief and help.
  8. Halloween Event 2016

    Which of these is best for hucast? I am not seeing it =(
  9. Halloween Event 2016

    I didn't read it. I wasn't sure how it worked. When I tried it, I got quite the surprise. Will it cycle back to max RR for me?
  10. Halloween Event 2016

    Too late. boooooooo I want my 10 dts back =p
  11. Rip my booma off ! [mini-event]

    Selling a dragon slayer and heavenly power combo! This combo will not only allow you to use the awesome item, but it will have you swinging a sword in style! You'll look like the Princess of Ragol! Enjoy the fabulous pinks and purples of your fantastic sword! Be amazed as you are able to traverse normal mode like Dora exploring! The price is a low 35pd.
  12. S> RR  I think it is a mid RR, possibly min. Please pm, I'd be happy to show it.

    1. Depassage


       Stats for red ring are

            Min   Max
      DFP: +150  +235
      EVP: +232  +257

      (from Soly)

      If i'ts min or close to min. I would like to buy it for 10 Dts if this works with you ;)

      Edited by Depassage
    2. shunthanos


      Ah, it is min. Thanks for that. I'm sorry, it has been sold though. =/

  13. Still selling c/battle for 35 dts.  pwand for 25 pd. 

    Still buying seize launcher and shadow sniper for 2pd each.