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  1. It was orange (uggg). I believe it had the snake, moose and pilla.
  2. Wasn't paying attention,used an egg with a full inventory. Lost the item from the egg and crashed. i came back, changed blocks, seemed to fix it but lost a mag I've been working on. (A Kama, lvl 76. 14 def, 9dex, 0mind)
  3. @Dutch Ride sounds like it, but I am stuck with a needle with no name.
  4. @Dutch Ride I was told, upon redemption, I needed to provide a Christmas present in order to put a name.
  5. Hildetor greenill frozen shooter ep 1 ult. (Normal drop)
  6. Hand of justice - ult whitill, sinow zele
  7. Can't vote because i refuse to use the biased options in the poll.
  8. Right there with you...if only I could have it maxed again.
  9. Thank you Soly, that is a huge relief and help.
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