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  1. I Traded for 4 s rank weps and some pd's like 25
  2. Well you know those arent 1pd each.I only got 1 Liberta kit 10 pd's
  3. Tried to be as fair as i could if something looks wrong plz let me know thanks. anything you want or need you can offer and we can talk. ALSO im willing to trade for ephinea stuff( idc how you feel about the server keep it to your self) Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/0[0] 6pd's Slicer Of Vengeance 35/0/0/0[0] 10pd's Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/40[0] 11pd's Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/35/0[25] offer Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/0[35] offer sold Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/25[30] offer sold Rianov 303snr-2 15/0/0/25[35] 15pd's Rianov 303snr-4 0/35/35/0[40] 20pd's Master Raven 0/0/0/40[0] 10pd's Master Raven 0/0/40/35[0] 17pd's Mille Marteaux 15/10/0/0[0] 10pd's Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/30[0] 5pd's Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/40[0] 6pd's sold Bamboo Spear 25/25/0/0[35] 7pd's Great Bouquet 0/40/0/0[50] 4pd's Lindcray 40/0/40/45[0] 27pd's Lindcray 0/0/45/40[0] 18pd's Glide Divine V.00 0/0/45/0[35] offer Glide Divine V.00 40/0/0/40[0] 15pd's Glide Divine V.00 45/0/0/40[0] 15pd's Glide Divine V.00 0/45/0/45[0] 15pd's Glide Divine V.00 30/0/0/30[0] untekk 15pd's Dress Plate 4pd's sold Dress Plate 4pd's Dress Plate 4pd's Dress Plate 4pd's v801 1pd v801 1pd SmartLink x2 5pd's Cent/Ability 5pd's SOLD Devil's Tail 15/0/0/185 15pd's Elenor 5/195/0/0 25pd's Panzer's Tail 10/165/25/0 15pd's Pioneer 10/167/23/0 20pd's Puyo 12/0/5/183 15pd's sold Puyo 12/0/5/183 15pd's Agastya 10/167/23 25pd's Foie Lv29 1pd Rafioe LV29 1pd Barta LV29 1pd Gibarta Lv29 1pd Gizonde Lv29 1pd Shifta LV30 1pd sold Grants Lv30 6Dt's Mind Mats 99 5:1 Def Mats 99 10:1 Evade Mats 80 10:1 Luck mats 7 1:1 Mag Cells just ask i have amost all. 1pd each
  4. Offer In DM For Whatever Item you are interested in. Weapons Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/35/0[25] DT's only Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/0[35] DT's only Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/25[30] DT's only Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/0[0] Slicer Of Vengeance 35/0/0/0[0] Slicer Of Vengeance 0/0/0/40[0] Rianov 303snr-2 15/0/0/25[35] Rianov 303snr-4 0/35/35/0[40] Master Raven 0/0/0/40[0] Master Raven 0/0/40/35[0] Mille Marteaux 15/10/0/0[0] Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/30[0] Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/40[0] Bamboo Spear 25/25/0/0[35] Great Bouquet 0/40/0/0[50] Lindcray 40/0/40/45[0] Lindcray 0/0/45/40[0] Glide Divine V.00 0/0/45/0[35] Glide Divine V.00 40/0/0/40[0] Glide Divine V.00 45/0/0/40[0] Glide Divine V.00 0/45/0/45[0] Glide Divine V.00 30/0/0/30[0] untekk Armor Dress Plate Dress Plate Dress Plate Dress Plate Units v801 v801 Cent/Ability Mag Devil's Tail 15/0/0/185 Elenor 5/195/0/0 Panzer's Tail 10/165/25/0 Striker Unit 5/155/40/0 Striker unit 10/155/35/0 Pioneer 10/167/23/0 Puyo 12/0/5/183 Puyo 12/0/5/183 Agastya 10/167/23 Techs Foie Lv29 Rafioe LV29 Barta LV29 Gibarta Lv29 Gizonde Lv29 Shifta LV30 Grants Lv30 Dt's only Mats Mind Mats 99 Def Mats 99 Evade Mats 80 Mag Cells just ask i have amost all. Things that im looking for:Trading PDs to DTs Panzer with hit%
  5. DM me your stats and price thanks.
  6. Selling power matsX250 and mind matsX99 5:1 Pm if needed
  7. 10def 167pow 23dex 0mind and its purple or pink
  8. Looking to trade my Agastya 167 power mag for a mind mag Pm if intersted.
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