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  1. Kinda sad to leave, tbh. It's just, I've got a kid on the way (wife's 8 months pregnant) and my gaming time will be severely cut because of that. Considering the games I feel like playing, I just want to put my PSOBB in one place as much as possible, basically (I also pre-ordered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and just bought The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, so I have PLENTY to play, hehe). It just feels like the right thing to do, especially since I feel Ephinea is more what I want my PSO experience to be. Thanks for your message
  2. Hello, After playing here on and off again for the past 7 or so years, I have decided to fully move over to Ephinea's server. I kinda feel their more vanilla approach appeals to me more. Also, the stronger weapons make me plow through most enemies with relative ease, which gets a tad boring to be over time. Because of this decision I'd like to offer a somewhat unconventional trade, since I'm offering my stuff here for stuff on Ephinea. If people are interested in this offer I can supply you with a list of what I have to offer on this server. For Ephinea, I'm looking for mostly HUcaseal stuff. Just let me know. And a wholehearted goodbye to all of you ❤️
  3. Ultimate - Epuisode 2 - Greenill - Dark Belra - Centurion/HP
  4. Sorry for buying the 35h one 😋
  5. Well, you're right. I've talked about it with a friend and I've found a model that should support Dolphin. And yes, if it supports Dolphin, it should definately support PSO. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Hey, I've been using the same Windows laptop for the past 10 years but it's about to break down and not worth to put in the money needed for it to function again. It's been quite a while since I knew anything about computer specs and I do need to know a thing or two so I can continue playing here. Can anyone tell me the system requirements needed so I can continue playing here? Do note I won't use it for much else other than playing PSOBB here or run Dolphin for some old skool GameCube games. I don't need to run everything on the highest settings, it doesn't need to be FullHD and whatnot. I just want a simple and cheap laptop I can easily run Ultima on. Cheers
  7. That's a lot of PDs, buying every single item for 10 PDs each. Deal.
  8. Hey, how much for #20 SoV? And also, do you have a hitted Girasole, perhaps? Cheers
  9. Hey, got a bunch of things in bank I would like to part with. The list: Weapons: Bloody Art 15/0/0/0|30 Cross Scar 0/0/0/0|40 Cross Scar 0/35/0/0|25 Beserk Diska +3 0/0/0/50|35 Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0|20 Diska of Braveman 45/0/0/0|40 Orotiagito 0/0/0/0|0 Agito (1977) 0/0/0/0|0 Agito (1980) 0/0/0/0|0 Soul Banish 0/50/0/30|0 Spread Needle 0/35/0/25|0 Akiko's Frying Pan 0/0/0/0|0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/25/0|0 Caduceus 0/35/30/15/0|0 Caduceus 0/0/0/0|45 Ancient Saber 20/0/0/15|0 Yamigarasu 0/0/15/0|0 Red Saber 15/0/0/20|0 Meteor Cudgel 0/35/0/35|0 Black King Bar +18 0/0/0/0|0 Girasole +11 0/40/20/0|0 Red Sword +52 0/45/0/0|0 Red Slicer 0/50/0/25|0 Last Swan +9 0/0/0/0|0 Frozen Shooter 30/0/0/0|30 Windmill 0/0/0/0|0 Rabbit Wand 20/0/35/0|0 Fatsia 0/0/0/0|0 Panther's Claw 0/0/0/0|0 Heart of Poumn 0/35/0/0|0 Kamui 0/0/0/15|0 Demolition Comet 0/40/0/0|35 Amore Rose 0/45/40/0|35 Ophelie Seize 0/0/0/0|35 Vivienne +50 0/0/40/0|45 Guren 30/30/0/0|0 Daylight Scar 0/0/0/35|25 Armors & frames: Sense Plate (4) DF Field (0), +239 DFP, +116 EVP DF Field (0), +236 DFP, +123 EVP Morning Prayer (0), +121 DFP, +132 EVP Morning Prayer (1), +122 DFP, +140 EVP Congeal Cloak (2), +168 DFP, +133 EVP Tempest Cloak (0), +171 DFP, +134 EVP Alliance Uniform (4), +114 DFP, -10 EVP Crimson Coat (1), +169 DFP, +133 EVP Lieutenant Mantle (1), +195 DFP, +116 EVP Shields & barriers: Flowen's Shield, +62 DFP, +70 EVP Flowen's Shield, +62 DFP, +70 EVP Standstill Shield, +163 DFP, +175 EVP Standstill Shield, +190 DFP, +180 EVP Standstill Shield, +189 DFP, +179 EVP Yellow Barrier Ragol Ring, +105 DFP, +130 EVP Purple Ring, +35 DFP, +130 EVP Striker Plus, +80 DFP, +200 EVP Stink Shield, +60 DFP, +55 EVP Units: God/Power 2x God/Luck 2x HP/Revival God/Technique Cure/Freeze 2x Cure/Shock V502 V801 2x Abuelita/Battle 2x Mags: Mag 5/0/0/0 3x Varuna 6/0/06 Techniques: -Lv.15: Foie 4x Zonde 1x Barta 1x Gifoie 2x Gizonde 1x Rafoie 6x Razonde 3x Deband 1x Jellen 1x -Lv.20 Foie 3x Zonde 4x Barta 2x Gibarta 1x Rafoie 2x Razonde 1x Rabarta 1x Deband 1x Resta 3x Lv.26+ Grants Lv. 26 1x Zonde Lv. 27 1x Foie Lv. 28 1x Gizonde Lv.28 1x Gibarta Lv.28 3x Razonde Lv.28 1x Rabarta Lv.28 1x Foie Lv. 29 1x Barta Lv. 29 2x Gifoie Lv.29 1x Gibarta Lv.29 1x Rafoie Lv.29 3x Rabarta Lv.29 3x Lv.30 Shifta 1x Zalure 1x Resta 3x Scape Dolls: 23x Grinders: Mono 22x Di 9x Tri 5x Materials: Power 65x Mind 22x Evade 99x Def 46x Enemy Parts, Misc., Mag Cells, Amplifiers: S-beats Arms Delsaber's Right Arm 2x Booma's Right Arm Star Amplifier 30x Kit of Hamburger 2x Panther's Spirit 2x Kit of MASTER SYSTEM Kit or GENESIS Kit or SEGA SATURN Amplifier of Deband Amplifier of Rafoie Amplifier of Barta 2x Amplifier of Blue AddSlot 2x Photon Crystal 3x Love Rappy's Beak I've set no values since I've been away for two years and simply unsure of what to ask for some of the items, and also because I'm aware there's a lot on here with hardly any value as well. I simply want to clean out what I've accumulated over the years I've played Ultima, so if you need something listed here which clearly has no value, feel free to still hit me up. I'm positive we'll work something out For those items that do have value, I accept PDs, PSs, and DTs. Also, if you'd rather trade for something else, let me know. I'm all for trading! Current wants, mostly a hitted Inferno Girasole, since I think they're cool. Apart from the PGF/DF and SJS/TSJ/Master Sword I obviously want but can not afford anything soon anyway :') Hit me up, cheers!
  10. I'd say "delete it and make a HUmar" *laughs in 0110101010100* Said no one ever
  11. All done 'ere!
  12. Qannon


    You're right, except for one thing: The first ATA is gained when your mag reached Lv.1 dex. So you should always end your MAG's dex on an odd number, not an even number! I once tested this offline like 8 years ago, I think
  13. I've got a Shifta 30 I'd be willing to part with
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