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  1. B> 2x PGF with DTs. PM me if interested

  2. B> 2x PGF with DTs. PM me if interested

    1. jsiordia93


      It says you cant recieve pms

    2. toxic


      sent you a pm

  3. These were the rates back in 2017; maybe around the same rate i guess, maybe harder who knows
  4. Check ur inbox :) 

  5. Thanks for all the messages i've gotten so far! Going to bed now, i will answer them all tomorrow!

  6. B> Sword of Ultima :)

  7. Maybe i forgot it and I'm a little unsure, but 1 grinder point should be 2ATP if i remember correctly, i would just leave it like it is since it's not a broken item only thing would be a restriction on which character should be able to use it (I'm for hucl and racl at least so maybe female only) but yeah here everyone got different meanings
  8. thanks for your answer. yeah i tried it cause hucl is my main for like 5 years or so. yeah she is really a monster with her ATA compared to huct. but huct got 338 more atp than hucl (238 if hucl wears sues coat) but whilest hucl has to wear sues coat to get a 100atp boost huct is able to wear STA and stuffs, i mean if you know how to play hu you dont need STA on also with hit on your weapons also huct is able to hit anything if you N-H-H but still if you compare huct's ATP (1739) + ATP of PR (640) to hucl? For me SS would give hucl such a big buff so that huct and hucl really dont take away anything of each other. ive played hucl for 5 years and huct for 3 years and still feel more comfortable with hucl but for me that would be the buff she needed for single dps weapon. huct still stronger in solo runs without a high lvl sd cause PR just breaks anything lol and about racl - now i really feel like she deserved the SS to get out of the shadow of ract even if ract still would be slightly better
  9. I don‘t really want to enter this whole drama thing, but i want to leave something (my opinion) - back to the intention of this post there are a few hunters in the shadow of their bigger ones like HUcaseal (< HUcast) and RAcaseal (< RAcast> i think SS should stay as it is, and should only be usable for those two Hunters, RAcaseal & HUcaseal they lack in having a really strong and good single DPS weapon if you check other classes: HUcast got Psycho Ravens HUcaseal got Last Swan, Mille Faucilles, Dual Bird HUney got Lindcray HUmar got PR Rangers got C/D Yas 9000 - overkilling anything FO‘s got multiple things like: Lindcray, Bringers, Banana Cannon, SoF, Samba Fiesta, Rambling May, etc. HUcaseal and RAcaseal have way less ATP then their bigger ones (RAcast & HUcast) but in my eyes they profit the most out of SS, with SD they got a weapon that ALMOST hit as hard as RAct/HUct would do with PR‘s i mean if you play as RAct or HUct you would have to get close up to enemies but then you can pull out a ton of DMG as HUcl/RAcl you wouldn‘t have to get as close as their bigger ones but probably could kill enemies as fast as HUct/RAct, because they need some time to get close up thanks for reading, im out of here, just wanted to give my two cents about the weapon 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. B> Serene Swan - PM me

  11. T> Gael Giel 0/200/0/0 for Serene Swan

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      :)   Ignore the pm I just sent

    3. toxic
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      no problem buddy.   I have hunted these so I have a few to trade.   If you know anyone that needs one just let me know :)

  12. Sacred Bow [0/35/0/40|0] for 12pds

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