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  1. B> Safety Heart - PM me

    1. RocketTots


      hey, it says you can't receive messages, but I have photon boosters for sale.

    2. toxic


      cleaned up my PMs, thanks for the info. Sadly i already found a photon booster :( sorry!

  2. toxic

    S > Some Crap

    Hey mate, i'd take that Panzer Panzer Faust [45/0/25/30|0] - 10 PDs
  3. T> Hunter weapons (endgame stuff) for DM

    check: https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/33838-t-some-good-items-for-dark-meteorsonicteam-armor/&do=findComment&comment=222766

  4. B> DM offer decent hunter gear

  5. yes actually zalure and jellen cause damage cancel, its even the worst of all dmc's while a tech or an attack still does little dmg while canceling, zalure and jellen cancels your dmg 100% and due to that you do 0 dmg at that time, its like you hit an enemy with a tech that does 0 dmg like @bobshlibidich already mentioned, DF=Dark Flow, the strongest sword in game, its special launches an attack of 5 waves if the users hp are under 12,5% close up that means like hitting 1 enemy 5 times at once (in case of DF this can mean 5-7k dmg per attack - and DF can combo here, so multiply that with 3 and you see what amount of dmg it can do , this numbers are like with sd 20 on at least i think)
  6. depending on the quest and difficulty i rather want a ramarl/huney on my team 1. FO gives 30Shifta but lacks in dmg output (only demon if it hits is nice... as long it does no dmc) 2. ramarl/huney give 20 shifta (which is still pretty decent - also there is still pb = outclass force) 3. ramarl/huney - no lack in dmg output 4. really important value - zalure does a shitload of dmc, thats why i dont like forces that much on my team lol (except for roct runs haha) 5. if you play 3 huct you dont need zalure: huct + df = destroys everything; so rather have a nice demon buddy (=ramarl) or another DF slave with shifta if needed but this is for endgame/time attacks/similar stuffs than the 2 things mentioned but to be honest, if it comes to just play the game for fun, play whatever you want. i mean there was a team which did roct with 4x forces xD (they died at olga - noobs )
  7. hm i see 😕 well my recommendation is always giving 19 antidotes, then do the trade window thing, feed it 1 more antidote and then like 2 or 3 antipara so def comes down a bit, and then do block switching. I hope GMs get your mags reseted tho!
  8. @Smoochum sorry to slip in here :x how did you try to keep def from gaining points? did you bank it or did you do the trade window thing?
  9. you gotta keep in mind that there are 2 caps. first is DEF cap. if you reach that cap you take 0 dmg from an enemy if enemys ATP is to low. second cap is EVP cap. if you have enough EVP and the enemy not enough ATA you just do not get hit by it. both scenarios act the same way. DEF and EVP blocks have same animations. So its sometimes hard to say if its a DEF or an EVP block. If you wear STA + max RR + Deband, that could result you to have DEF blocks, jsut because dmg formula for your DEF and enemys ATP leads to 0 dmg. To figure this out you gotta keep your DEF at that point and lower your EVP. if you take dmg then it wasn't the EVP cap. My personal flavor is, if i have leftover materials, i always put em into DEF. i rather have lower taken dmg and survive a hit than hoping for a roll to not getting hit. Also the extra DEF adds extra DEF if you have Deband on, which could mean you reach the DEF cap faster in the end its just everyones own decision what they love more, if you dodge the attack as good as possible there is nearly no need for those mats
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