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  1. It's been way too long, man. How've you been, Dart? :D

  2. Well me and saith loves HUmar + OP. our favorite class to play so I made like 5 HUmars (just gathering ID) Anyways, yea HUmar sucks for some people but for me it have potential with the best gear which I already have and work well with but the lack of No buff and low lv debuff can be challenging when you soloing stressful hunt. -cough- STA and pgf. Honestly I love playing HUmar and you pretty much see me everytime playing one. It be good to see HUmar only items or useful item to have decent crowd control or able to be good as a HUcast. But if that happen then i be looking foward to see HUmar gets buff so i can see all HUmar in the lobby. xD (jk) Well this just my opinion but thats all i have to say. #HUmar4lyfe #SaithKillroyRudyHUmarUnited #YourFavoriteHUmar
  3. I did couple cca/TTF as Your Favorite HUmar Killroy or HUcast Welcome to ultima.
  4. Happy birthday Cyan

    1. Cyane


      Thank youu! ò.ó

  5. There are Dark Weapons in PSU but some exclusive too JP server back then so it wasnt in US so I would like to share it since people love the Dark weapons in PSO :P


    Dark Flow http://psupedia.info/File%3ACursed_Dark_Flow.png.html


    Dark Meteor - Shotgun type





    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. killroy909


      No shit... lol there is 1500+ weapons in psu but im going be hunting my favorite end game weapon.


      im just showing that dark weapon exist on psu.

    3. leezy


      shit nah everybody know


    4. killroy909


      I dont know about that.. i got couple people been asking about that lately

  6. B> Good Hit Lavis Cannon.

  7. lel good luck i guess
  8. T> TJS MAX abeast/dark for TJS MAX Native/Machine

  9. Congrats Nei! that is one tough weapon to get. you deserve it! - Your Favorite HUmar Killroy.
  10. Alot of fixed in PSU clementine. im proud to be a tester.

    1. Malxerz


      what was fixed?

  11. Im Enjoying KH: Unchained X im too addicted to it lol. pumps me up for Kh 2.8 remix or KH3

    1. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Unchained X? Never heard of that one. Interesting.

    2. killroy909


      it goes way back in the past when the Keyblade War started and knowing the old master. its mobile game its free to download

  12. Well PSU clementine alpha Test 1 ending today in 45min. it be back up 3-5 months. it be more better!

    1. abousweid


      yeah I saw that on their site damn

    2. Malxerz


      how much more better v:?

    3. killroy909


      playable boss,Lv200 cap,more mission,more content, alot bug fixed. PA balancing. my room fixed. those stuff.

  13. B> good Hit Lavis Cannon

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