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  1. Also, I can give you a standstill shield, v502. And a few other things.
  2. I’ll team up with you! Mobius”” What’s your player name?
  3. Ult-ep1-blueful-whitill-nano dragon-cent/tech
  4. In society, we have choices that either give us freedom or condemn us. If we take away the ability for people to speak that we do not want to hear. Then we risk one day falling prey to are own criticism. Peace and love
  5. I think having op gear, gives new people something to strive for and vets have something to be proud of. 😁
  6. Can some one share link for adding hit and specials. How much it costs, just kinda like a guide
  7. I was just wondering if it combines with master raven, like last swan
  8. Name: Cory age:28 contact: pm hobbies: kickboxing, weight lifting, history, physics, metal turning, and philosophy.
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