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  1. If it's possible I wouldn't mind seeing a fist weapon that had AoE similar to Excalibur. Little less ATP, but Fist Weapons comes with EVP so it'd work best on a HUCaseal. Maybe the stealth suit could lower def by a bit (Right now it's at 1. Make it negative), but keep the 300 evp and add +10 atp and add Light res (since stealth technology refracts light) I mean.. it's literally a fodder enemy type armor anyway since you can't evade bosses or some attacks, but the light res (if added) could be a nice alternative to wedding dress if you also added Atp bonus on top of it. Maybe an ATA bonus of
  2. I'm still pretty new to this server. I'm just playing with my friends. I don't really care about the rates or w/e, it's not my main concern. I hope you find what you're looking for. :/ Good luck, man. Sorry you didn't have a good time here.
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