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  1. I don't think you read or understand anything, people that have been around since 2018 could have 10000 nyc's themselves aka if they do any type of redeem that's worth anything they can do everything they want where as new people would be like uhh how can I get 400 nycs casually playing. Obvious purpose ? It literally says that is the purpose. Please read before angry typing your message. No one cares how long you spent farming nyc's (as in it has no effect on this event redemption). Shiiida probably had to wait for Larva's okay to do the NYC thing she wanted and planned.
  2. No Cap on a stack fr fr ?
  3. Weird I ran more then anyone(7 was only one near me) last year and was only able to accomplish around 750-900 kills , drop rate seems kinda ridiculous if that's what it's set too LOL. I had 2 drops off HH which makes sense cause it was like 350-400 drop rate last year ? so if that is the case I can expect to get 0 this year even if I play 16-20 hours a day every day ?
  4. goDdess

    Please close

    Btw you are a wonderful person.
  5. goDdess

    Please close

    Gore you realize this makes no sense right ? when u can buy a type shot with a special for 25 O_o..... Especially when you can't add a special with NYC only DT lol
  6. You can't really attribute nyc price to adding %'s because honestly adding %'s to these type weapons doesn't REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY matter. At best I would value NYC 2:1 and worst 3:1(Simply because the use of NYC for 1 person is severely limited and niche). Adept 25pd's , 5 nyc to unlock. which would mean 1 nyc = 5pd. Take into account on the high end 8pd = 1 DT that's where I get my math :P. If you can get 1:1 more power too you. -------------- Attention -------------- This is just my opinion it does not represent an over all EXACT NYC price -----------Attention--------------------

  8. Yeah I literally only found 5, like can't we get more HH, like I barely got to play ANY HH, I should of at least found 20 = \ #FreeHH
  10. You are more than welcome. I love helping new players out!!!
  11. Looking For 250DT's + Demon Yas 9000 70+ Hit (also open to deals with charge yas) negotiable price. Will also accept 175dt + STA, Also 295 DT's flat
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