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  1. i use the halo upgrade i dont even remember what its called and its not because it gives me a bonus to resta range since i use it exclusivly on casts but because it looks like a halo honestly imo ultima should implement a skin system like ephinea that lets a skin item affect like 2 or 3 items per skin without changing any of the properties just because then we can use the good items without them looking like trash for example a skin on psycho bridge that changes it back to dark bridge while keeping the boosts psycho bridge gives and is only astetic unlike the rr skins
  2. so i havent played here much in years but when i loged in i had an extra p wand just sitting on my racast i can just give you
  3. maybe ill do 1 (one) pgf run this year

  4. are you aware that @mudkipzjm is comin


  5. the problemn with this is the reason those exist is because the people who had them made got to have them made for a special reason and not even gms had a chance to get a special item like that and can only use them on gm accounts to help others hunt and they keep track of who has the real ones as much as i might be for the idea there is no way they would give those out at all especially when people who actually have the rights to those weapons still play once in a while a better idea would be to make new super op weapons/gear that are not those weapons since if it was those ones it would undermine what they mean to the players who earned them since even if some of them dont play anymore they still had the ability to give them to friends
  6. thinking about deepfaking a girls picture to get items from the comunity like @Usagi-chan

  7. hes not a moderator at all and if he was talking to one like that is a sure fire way to get banned faker
  8. all ever just

    1. Sir Rendlan

      Sir Rendlan

      you ever just wanna hop on pso again and help out? :D

  9. makes sense to me now with that cleared up thanks R-78 yeah the original post said that, i was asking if it mattered if every toon was on the same mac adress since that was left out of the original post
  10. maybe i missed it but what about dual/multi log for id slaving? for example im running ttf during an event and i quad log so i can have a chance at a rare monster drop on id 1 such as lavis in caves or something then lobby that character so i can attempt a drop from vol opt on id 2 then drop that character out of the room for a chance at a bringers arm or handgun guld or something then drop that out for the 4th id for a chance at a specific falz drop? every character would be on the same pc in this case although that also wants me to ask since i dont typically toggle the dropstyle is it against these new rules if say my dropstyle is still on individual and im on a cast and i want to dual log a fo to buff myself is this okay or not since it would still be indi drops?
  11. he is ALIVE!!!!!

    1. KarmaTheFoney


      I can hardly believe it myself

  12. gms feel free to change my forum name to Nobody because i care what mud sais
  13. imho part of the decline is people on forums i mean when people get in trouble for doing things that other people do that dont get any more than a verbal hey knock that off and the only difrence is the people that get away with it say sorry for doing it even though they repeatedly do it and show no signs of changing but its not really my place to say who should get off with a slap on the wrist or jail time
  14. how to make hucast the most broken class on the server in one easy step, im not hating be tbqh i want that really badly but i know it was unlocked at one point here and was locked because a max stat hucast and combo unlocked 38 with 4 way pb buffs can one combo 3rd form falz to death (yes i mean hitting the hard attack button only all of 3 times to make one combo) atleast thats what ive heard from imho the most reliable source of ultima info @Fyrewolf5
  15. then there is no point to the final one other than a difrent name color and slightly better dar and will take forever to hit 200 again when you can just stay at 200 on cream and still have better than normal dar without having the worst level grind possible imho higher tier but maybe not highest tier item reward would be the bees knees even say 15 ps over the 10 cream would give you, as leveling is the most annoying thing about pso expecially at x1 having to essentially get to lets say level 300 overall because on x5 or x3 the first 100 or so levels are not that bad as long as there is a carry but 100-200 is a long grind even on x3 and lets say each each level prgression counts for 100 levels each now the problem with getting to level 300 this way is the same problem with getting level 300 in the game as it is now as the GMs have put it to me we could do that but you dont really gain anything for the extra work you put in so why bother at that point
  16. the ban is final -patrick bell

    top insperational quote

  17. i have a single dad with no grand dads but my brothers have a dad and a step dad so idk
  18. literally i cant

    1. Zabby



      just don't bro, just like, stop, dude

    2. griffeni


      thanks man i needed that now i can do anything


  19. you stole my number fam its on page 2 v:
  20. griffeni


    i love how they shit on you for playing mario then get hype
  21. honestly i could probably cram half of the server into this or even just most of the people in this thread and as much as i really want to i wont because this post is about @Malaxer or as some of you know her ing because when i started playing here i was only about soloing because i wanted to relive the gcn days of solo play but she invited me to her team and i said sure why not then she introduced me to @Mayte and @nyukin right before she went on a long break and i eventually ended up joining their team and meeting many of the lads i know and love today including @mudkipzjm, @KarmaTheFoney, karmas gf, @SelahIsASpot, @Lopedo45 @BK-201 and many others but the point is if it wasnt for ing then i probably wouldnt have met any of the cool dudes that i did because i was about ready to just quit playing all together right before ing invited me to the team because as far as soloing went i did all that i wanted too but she showed me what multiplayer pso was like and that kept me around long enough to make the friendships that have lasted almost 5 years at this point even outside of pso so i will always remember the doge that started it all
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