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  1. Rest in Peace H.R. Giger (1940-2014) My heart is broken today after finding out about his passing.

    1. NephthysJackal
    2. Trigunman


      Ahhh damn, I read this the other day, such a shame... Won't be another movie like Alien with him gone for sure.

    3. NephthysJackal
  2. I feel bad we didn't get to hang out more! Hope you change your mind and visit once and a while!
  3. Hello, good to meet you! If you ever get bored my in game name is Jackal. :onion86:
  4. 1. Kibble 2. Butters 3. Chester :onion05:
  5. Upset

    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. NephthysJackal


      "The Island" is based off of a book by Alduous Huxley who wrote "Brave New World". I liked that one. I've seen the old and new "Judge Dredd", but preferred the old one. Havent seen the rest of that list fully but "When dreams may come" sounds familiar, Idk. You're giving me some good ideas here.

    3. zaykho


      But what I like the most in art, it's when a media is able to change how you will perceive the world. The musashi legend books it's a perfect example, and now, the best masterpiece for me (better than anything arts I have seen in my entire life) is Shinsekai Yori (only watch the anime), trust me, this is something that will not forget !

    4. zaykho


      Ah ! the page didn't loaded your comments when I was writing, yeah, it seems we have same taste. :P

  6. Hello! If you ever see me online we can hang out and do some missions or something. My in game name is Jackal or sometimes Caligula
  7. Donated a few days ago. Enjoying what I got from the donation tickets.
  8. Awww dont feel bad I hand drew mine too. But its ok everyones is unique in its own way.
  9. !!! I love this its so expressive an unique. I love all the entries i've seen in this contest but this one is my favorite.
  10. Thanks! Team is great so far. Very generous and helpful. Watch out we might gang up and annoy you !
  11. Thats so beautiful!I love the colors and the background and you were able to capture the figure in motion. Gorgeous.
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