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  1. Great news! Glad to hear the community is working together.
  2. Ill order three of them, PM sent!
  3. Yep, he worked hard for it - but didnt spend any pds/spheres.
  4. No, to remind this server and Choko that the /lobby bug fix is still pending. And that I will donate $40 when its fixed. Its been 3 months now since requested.
  5. When I tried to do my Event post with your icons, I received a message that my new topic had too many emoticons and had to remove them. Not sure if that rule is in effect for trade forums.
  6. I can give you a 5/165/30/0 Tellusis - ask me in vent.
  7. Finally got the wife to review the submissions: 1st Place Nessly: 2nd Place gmredencion: 3rd Place Aiden Payne: Meet HEKATERIN in lobby 1 to collect your prizes: S-Rank Twin S-Rank Claw S-Rank Slicer First place gets first choice!
  8. Ill participate, have to check my clutter to see what is good enough to donate.
  9. PRO EVENT big success and big fun! Thanks to all the participants that made it worth the effort!

    1. serverus


      nice event PRO team, i hope you guys keep doing this great work for the all community :

    2. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      The event was uber fun hope to see another event like it in the future

  10. Contact HEKATERIN in Lobby 1 to choose your prize, kinda have to do it in order since the most PRO PROOF has first choice. If you didnt turn in any and sold them then I cannot give a prize because you affected another player's total. Will return the donated items to the ORIGINAL OWNER if no one chooses it.
  11. POST the screenshots, will have HEKATERIN view them tomorrow. PRO PROOF TOTALS: Nessly 111 Hoclact 107 Ruby 68 Sasuke 14 RX-190 10 Trigunman 9
  12. Contact HEKATERIN in Lobby 1 to turn in PRO PROOFs to redeem for prizes!

  13. Name your game "PRO" and run GOVERNMENT QUESTS today! Get paid to unlock your quests! Each PRO PROOF worth much more than 1pd each!

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