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  1. Ultimate 2 Seabed Greenil Sinow Zele Hand of Justice
  2. Ultimate - Ep4 - Desert - Redria - Shambertin - Girasole
  3. sounds about right--the only costly item to make it is stellar shard, which is typically 15dts. I think Noopy is also selling a blank tyrell's parasol for 5pds.
  4. Hi Ace, I was the hunter that you were playing with, along with pan. I think I can explain a little bit, and I apologize for the confusion. The reason why I was doing more damage than you was because I was using maxed weapons from my main account. A sub-level 150 player would never do damage like that. We didnt have a full group, were below level 150, and didn't have a person to carry us through, so I used some of my main weapons to help us out, and even then, the RT was over 40min. As for the XP, I was about to level up before the run, so I leveled up on Barba Ray and Gal, whereas you leveled up only on Gal. Aside from perhaps seaside, we got comparable exp even though that run may not have felt like it since I technically ended with +2 levels and you got +1. I apologize if you felt outclassed or frustrated. I tried to smoothen our run a little bit since we were low level, and I'm sorry if the experience was negative or confusing. For your gear, I would actually recommend not upgrading your frozen shooter or spread needle. Generally, players do not upgrade frozen shooters into snow queens unless the rifle has at least 50+ hit. Since snow queen is combo locked, a 35hit snow queen will struggle to reliably freeze some of the tougher monsters with high EVP. I think it would also be worthwhile to wait until you can hunt or trade for a spread needle with hit before you use a proof of sonic team. Jon made a guide for beginner farming that you should check out if you haven't already: Another option (one that I recommend) would be to hunt or trade for an Anti-Dark Ring (ADR). It's a drop from ultimate dark falz for viridia, so you'll often see rooms like "TTF ADR" hunting for it. Once you get one, you can increase your EDK pretty significantly and join WOI groups for PD hunting. It costs about 50pds if you trade for one--about the same cost as a proof of sonic team. If you can raise your edk and tag along for some woi runs, you could save up for an arrest needle with hit pretty quickly! Once you have that, i would consider looking into getting Psycho Ravens. They will help your single target damage quite a bit edit: gotcha a dress plate
  5. Great info in this thread. Ty for all of your hard work (and others that helped contribute)!
  6. For Fomar/Fomarl, maxing stats is pretty flexible because they can eat more materials. Generally, it doesn't really matter where you allocate your POW/MND on your mag because you can just compensate with materials. As long as you're capping your ATA and not going over the cap, you should be fine. It sounds like you might be a fomarl since you listed rambling may. For fomarl, a common setup is a 0/126/72/2 mag with 213 Mind and 35 Luck materials. for this build, units are usually: Centurion/Battle, Smartlink, V502 or V801, and a free slot for resists, hp, cure units, etc. Running an adept in your build is also good, especially if you like to use a lot of spirit weapons. If you want clear advice on a max stat build, check the Official Max Stats thread here. some gear options: Weps: -Sacred Bow -Lindcray -Banana Cannon -Rico/Tyrell's Parasol -Glide Divine -Ten Year Blades -Rambling May -Slicer of Fanatic -Bringer's Rifle -Samba Maracas -Hundred Souls -Blood Sword -Rage de Glace -Ultima Reaper Armor: -Sweetheart / Godric's cloak / Kroe's Sweater / Wedding Dress / Neutron Skin / Mother Garb+ / STA Barrier: -Agent K costume / Frank Bunny costume / Ylvis costume / Safety Heart Units: Centurion/Battle / Smartlink / V502 / V801 / Centurion/Resist / Cure/anything, etc You can work towards the armor/barrier pretty fast. I'd also suggest that you should try to get the ranged weps first, namely lindcray, banana cannon, and sacred bow--as well as some kind of j/z item like glide divine or bunny costume. Most of the melee weps will need some hit on them or else you will probably get smacked a lot You can farm a smartlink on BPD2 hard mode, I have some photon crystals if you need them
  7. i'll buy Magic Rock "Heart Key" x2 - 25PD or 4DT
  8. yes! you are correct, although there's more than just the ultima community's custom missions in multiplayer. There are three main kinds of quests/missions: 1. (Solo Player mode) guild counter quests --> original questline from GC 2. (Multiplayer mode) guild counter missions --> "custom ultima/psobb" quests 3. Government quests --> i recommend doing these first if you're new and want to solo through the game's quests for a bit. I didn't experience these quests on gamecube, so they'll probably be new to you too. These can be found by making a multiplayer room and going straight to the principal's office, then talking to his assistant Momoka on his right. These also "unlock" the rest of the solo player guild counter quests as you complete the government quest story, so you'll probably want to do them at some point if you want to play through the GC storyline again. You'll also get some useful quest rewards along the way if you're new 😉
  9. the woi gods blessed me last night thank you for the new olga drops!
  10. Looking to buy a Sonic Team Armor with DTs. PM me if interested Purchased! Please close ❤️
  11. fun topic, congratulations to everyone! I found: 2 Cent/battle 2 Psycho Black Crystal 1 Soul Booster 1 SJS 1 Alis Resolve 5 Cent/TP 6 Cent/Tech 6 Serene Swan; one with 25hit ...and like 5 troll pds off epsi and falz
  12. nice! congratulations and thank you Jon
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