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  1. Hi Ace, I was the hunter that you were playing with, along with pan. I think I can explain a little bit, and I apologize for the confusion. The reason why I was doing more damage than you was because I was using maxed weapons from my main account. A sub-level 150 player would never do damage like that. We didnt have a full group, were below level 150, and didn't have a person to carry us through, so I used some of my main weapons to help us out, and even then, the RT was over 40min. As for the XP, I was about to level up before the run, so I leveled up on Barba Ray and Gal, whereas you le
  2. Great info in this thread. Ty for all of your hard work (and others that helped contribute)!
  3. For Fomar/Fomarl, maxing stats is pretty flexible because they can eat more materials. Generally, it doesn't really matter where you allocate your POW/MND on your mag because you can just compensate with materials. As long as you're capping your ATA and not going over the cap, you should be fine. It sounds like you might be a fomarl since you listed rambling may. For fomarl, a common setup is a 0/126/72/2 mag with 213 Mind and 35 Luck materials. for this build, units are usually: Centurion/Battle, Smartlink, V502 or V801, and a free slot for resists, hp, cure units, etc. Running an a
  4. yes! you are correct, although there's more than just the ultima community's custom missions in multiplayer. There are three main kinds of quests/missions: 1. (Solo Player mode) guild counter quests --> original questline from GC 2. (Multiplayer mode) guild counter missions --> "custom ultima/psobb" quests 3. Government quests --> i recommend doing these first if you're new and want to solo through the game's quests for a bit. I didn't experience these quests on gamecube, so they'll probably be new to you too. These can be found by making a multiplayer room and going st
  5. the woi gods blessed me last night thank you for the new olga drops!
  6. fun topic, congratulations to everyone! I found: 2 Cent/battle 2 Psycho Black Crystal 1 Soul Booster 1 SJS 1 Alis Resolve 5 Cent/TP 6 Cent/Tech 6 Serene Swan; one with 25hit ...and like 5 troll pds off epsi and falz
  7. Honestly, I really don't think it matters who is in your team class-wise, unless you're trying to TA something. Ultima gear homogenizes a lot of classes, so pretty much any "standard" team (1-2 FO, 2-3 non-FO) will be more than enough to get the job done. Also, your setup would vary greatly depending on what exactly you're doing. If you're in an elite group with 3 DF users, that fourth class is gonna change, and may not even be a force necessarily. But if you're playing with random people, the utility and safety provided by a force will greatly increase the number of things your group can acco
  8. Harmonic Resonance Core - Garanz - Bluefull ep1 VH Centurion/HP - Sinow Gold - Bluefull ep1 VH
  9. Parts of Egg Blaster - Baranz - Skyly Ep2 Ult
  10. Samurai Armor - Olga Flow - Skyly Ep 2 Ult
  11. Hi Auroreon! There are some class balance changes, mainly: 1) Ultima Boost: +100 ATP, +100 DFP, +100 MST, +10 ATA and +30 EVP MAX stat boost for every class. This slightly impacts how each class can be maxed out with their stats (or cannot be maxed out, for that matter), although it isn't a huge deal if you just want to play and enjoy the game. 2) Class weapon changes Ultima has quite a few new items. There are several weapon types that all classes can use in ultima which were restricted to certain classes in the original game. You may see forces running around with ba
  12. Hi Restricted, If I'm on, I'd love to hunt with you, whether it be through a quest or just farming vanilla stages. I'll also gladly bank my best weps/gear so we can feel the struggle if you'd like that. Some of the most fun I've ever had in MMOs was when I constantly wiped to bosses or monsters with my friends, and I don't believe that being the "strongest" or "most efficient" always translates to having the most fun. I fell in love with PSO on GC by running through vanilla stages with my siblings (without quests), and you're absolutely right that this game has WAY more to offer othe
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