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  1. finally got my new PC, ready to come back :P 

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    2. rashan0121


      what did you get?

    3. bobshlibidich
    4. Trigunman


      Did you build one or buy one?

      ...And welcome back! :onion-head11:

  2. i sell cent arm

    1. Himeko


      Hi hi, thanks but I need centurion ability :onion-head21:

    2. Death


      read wrong :s srry

    3. Himeko


      no problem haha, got a v101? :P 

  3. Cant remember my in game login

    so does this means that we're going to be reunied? hope to see you in game Sean!
  4. Well hello there!

    Hello and Welcome.
  5. Don't forget to love yourself.

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    2. Kolective


      How long has it been since I last heard from you Caribe? Hi there!

    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Please teach me your ways. T_T

    4. Himeko


      @Malxerz: Be positive! :D

      @Kolective. Hi hi! How's it going?

      @Grimoire: Never lose motivations ;)

  6. :)
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    2. kajex


      ^o^ to your name color

    3. blitsen
    4. Steven Rogers

      Steven Rogers

      Holy heck. Your the person Sam has told me about. I look forward to seeing you in game. That is if you play.

  7. Rollbank Needed Please </3

    Muchas gracias ANDRES
  8. Para mí que @serverus me quiere ayudar con el rollbank :P

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    2. Himeko


      Ya no nos quiere </3

    3. serverus


      si los quiero <3 en el fondo del oceano xDD lol

    4. Himeko
  9. Hi hi! Well I took a brake for like a month and yesterday when I decided to log in all the equipment of my FO Caribe is gone... I really not know why, I didn't had any disconnection lately. The most sad part is that I don't have pics of my equipment save (like omg why) Last time logged date: December 10, 2013. Here are some items that I remember: -Wedding Dress (4 slot) -Centurion Ability (3) -V801 -Hylian Shield -Glide Divine -Sticker of Chao -Clio -Prophets of Motav GC: 42094689 Slot 3
  10. guys of pso right after spending all day getting to lv 200 :Phttp://data3.whicdn.com/images/71093582/large.gif

  11. have a nice weekend everyone :-)

    1. fatboy
    2. Trigunman


      Waaaayyyy ahead of ya hon and as Fatboy said, you have a great one too Caribe. =^)

    3. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      You too caribe-chan! :3 :3

  12. Is it just me or Ultima is the best PSO server ever! :3

    1. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      not just you Ultima PSO is awesome <3 pso

    2. fatboy
    3. RudyArana


      yup yup, best server for my PSO fix

  13. do exercise, eat healthy, play pso :P

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    2. serverus


      charming and pretty o.o xD

    3. Sylph777


      oh i just wanted to say kind words :) you are handsome martin :D

    4. serverus


      jajajajajaj ok ok