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  1. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    Ulti - Skyly - Goran Det - 502
  2. Hi, did you see that you have a Rage of Feu with 40/0/0/30/40 status, do you want to sell it to me?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. gabriel123
    3. Scott18


      Nah man I think I am going to hold onto it for a little while and try it out for myself.

    4. gabriel123
  3. Halloween Event Drop Table 2018

    Skyly is also for Ultima Reaper and Chromatic Orb. Pretty sure Blueful drops Manly Cannon (Banana Cannon) from Dorphon Eclair - Ulti as well.
  4. Halloween Event 2018

    feels bad HUCasts cant use these....
  5. Xbox controller issue

    I had no idea xbox controllers worked for this game, do wireless ones work if connected via blue tooth?
  6. Pretty sure this was fixed a long time ago
  7. I need help

    sounds like an issue with your internet rather than anything else. You both are using separate log ins and information yes?
  8. Goodbye

    It was fun running quests with you during the last couple of years. You will be one of the few sorely missed people after you are gone.
  9. Making telepipes stack to 20 or scapedolls stack at all?
  10. This seems pretty reasonable to be honest. Also can we change scapedolls to stack to as they really just end up eating up space in inventory and bank?
  11. Casts don't need resta weapons. If you don't like buying mates or star atomizers, then get better at the game or don't play a cast character.
  12. Halloween Event 2017

    This question here
  13. My two cents to this if it means anything for improvement would be on both sides really. From the GMs and staff I do like the sound of something a bit harder than ultimate mode because after level 165 everything but episode for becomes relatively easy with the exception of the quests that were made like PPP or other extremely difficult quests. I know making new weapons, armors, ect... takes time and effort, but maybe if there is a way to maybe implement new items outside of events to keep hunting from getting boring. Making event that requires teams to actually be teams and work together on things could make things a bit more fun to and actually allow people to accomplish things with their respective teams. (this does not apply to all, just from my experiences from previous teams) I do not think making event items available outside of events will help much, but maybe making them slightly easier to obtain without everyone asking/demanding for HH every 4 hours might help. (example PGF, STA, MS, other really hard to already obtain items, usually ID specific) I am not saying make it to where everyone and there brother can get it, but just a bit more available. I believe that the economy is a player issue, not the staff responsibility. We choose to except absurd prices which only makes the people who keep hiking the prices up to keep doing to see what all they can get from us. We should be the ones to refuse the prices and force the prices down. We should not be demanding HH as much either, It seems like it is a treat and should remain as such. Not a right. Christmas time raffles also do seem like a fun thing to do for those who donate. like each person could Donate $20 for the raffle for not necessarily broken weapons and armor, but stuff like maybe RR, or maybe S/rank weapons and /type weapons. Maybe an STA or PGF as a one of for one luck person as incentive to keep them in and get people to buy into it. Also only allow one donation per person so it keeps it fair for everyone. If possible maybe make some new rare enemies to. Like a rare nano or baranz or something.
  14. CMode! Read topic fully

    I will be home an hour after that
  15. CMode! Read topic fully

    Yes I do tomorrow I am unavailible most of the day though