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Sean Lucas

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  1. Yes I got my password reset but only had time to play for a little bit last night.
  2. havent played in awhile this time I cant remember my login information like I did last time I should have written it down any help would be lovely
  3. I figured it out and was able to recover my account it just took a few tries
  4. I havent played in two years I do not remember my login information to enter the game any help? EDIT I FIXED IT
  5. :D
    1. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      Well I got all of the parts except the one i really need haha the case will be here tomorrow

  6. happy new years ultima :D I love you guys

  7. i am so shy when it comes to actually speaking to people :( and i dont know why... sigh on a side note i got to talk to evie for a second :D was cool she probably realized how shy i was when i talked haha

    1. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      well I am quite shy when it comes to talking :o but when typing i can use my full confidence

    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      thats because you have nothing to lose over a game. I just picture as if it was a game thats how i get over my shyness half way XD

    3. Drga


      A lot of us on here are very shy. And most of us have our little safety nets. As long as I have something to "hide behind" I'm normally good.

  8. Happy birthday sir michael mann i hope your birthday is most triumphant

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      Happy Birthday!

  9. ...............................how did people find them so fast thats like ridiculous....
  10. morning ultima....gonna struggle through this day :(

  11. Been cheated on for the 6th time now ending my relationship, then got told it was my fault they cheated and then they made me into the bad guy and now i am really depressed

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    2. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      well I dont know what to do except try not to cry myself to sleep

    3. Pin


      youll be ok. i know just how you feel deep down. But i wont lie to you and say its not gonna hurt. I know you love her. But 6 times is enough. Eventually youll catch a disease from her. that shit scary. Be careful. Think wise. And find God. peace.

    4. Pin


      Oh and remember she doesnt feel the same about you as you feel for her. That is if youve been faithful. The question is what will it take for you to walk away?

  12. Hope Everyone has a phenomenal day, and happy hunting :D

  13. yippee Christmas vacation has begun! but the new semester is on the horizon ever taunting me with new knowledge

    1. Akioyamato


      Lucky... This is my last week. Finals have been easy so far.

  14. Psychology final today wish me luck! :o 200 questions and an essay in 2 hours -sigh- gonna suck

    1. Akioyamato


      Woah! Starting my finals tomorrow but then again, i'm only in highschool! Luck Materials have been gifted!

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