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  1. Yes I got my password reset but only had time to play for a little bit last night.
  2. havent played in awhile this time I cant remember my login information like I did last time I should have written it down any help would be lovely
  3. I figured it out and was able to recover my account it just took a few tries
  4. I havent played in two years I do not remember my login information to enter the game any help? EDIT I FIXED IT
  5. starts off slow but builds epicly
  6. :D
    1. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      Well I got all of the parts except the one i really need haha the case will be here tomorrow

  7. happy new years ultima :D I love you guys

  8. i am so shy when it comes to actually speaking to people :( and i dont know why... sigh on a side note i got to talk to evie for a second :D was cool she probably realized how shy i was when i talked haha

    1. Sean Lucas

      Sean Lucas

      well I am quite shy when it comes to talking :o but when typing i can use my full confidence

    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      thats because you have nothing to lose over a game. I just picture as if it was a game thats how i get over my shyness half way XD

    3. Drga


      A lot of us on here are very shy. And most of us have our little safety nets. As long as I have something to "hide behind" I'm normally good.

  9. Happy birthday sir michael mann i hope your birthday is most triumphant

    1. King Ra

      King Ra

      Happy Birthday!

  10. ...............................how did people find them so fast thats like ridiculous....
  11. I would send you solo's but ive only been playing guitar for less then a week
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