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  1. 12 hours straight playing,6 of them hh non stop seabed/rt, one banner in the whole server. c r a z y d r o p s
  2. you could always just, idk, not buy it then? farm it during event? go without? ive been here about 18 months and have never donated or used a dark weapon. if everyone had access to every item at all times then there would be no reason to look forward to events. sure the prices on em are insane, but you dont go to the Lamborghini dealership and tell them to lower their prices, youd go on craigslist and get a used Cadillac, just as badass in an affordable price range. the only reason the prices are that high is because people pay them. there are legit comparable items abound on this server, not to mention we all play for free. not looking for any rebuttals or drama just throwin in my perspective. play the game to have fun my dudes <3
  3. Hello.

    Why you asking me about the easter eggs?

  4. Need Help to Buy stuff for RAmar...

    Arrest needle is a great start. my first good gun and really the only one you need. psycho ravens are pretty good too but pricy at times. something cheap with hell and hit like a 50 hit hell laser is great for episode 2. a good substitute for psycho ravens is charge yasminkov 9M but they can be just as pricy. a budget option would be like dual birds, or a charge vulcan with hit. basically your trifecta is: Arrest needle for aoe, hell laser for enemies weak to dark, and decent mechs for bosses oh, and dont forget a decent hit frozen shooter for crowd control
  5. what that c battle do?


    1. drdingus


      Makes that anus clap

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      ohhhh healllll gurl

  6. Yo, do you still have a Blood sword or a soul booster for sale?

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      I can sell u a soul booster he gave it to me.

  7. Dude, ya gotta start playin agn soon.


    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Catch me outside


      How bout dat?

  8. You on homeboy?I can make that ass clap.....

  9. I can make that ass clap.....

    1. drdingus


      i cant believe you came back on the same day i did wtf

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      i won't say that we back or nothin, cause that implies that we back from something.

      Edited by Too Fast Tim
      Shit mo gangsta