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  1. Yo, do you still have a Blood sword or a soul booster for sale?

    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      I can sell u a soul booster he gave it to me.

  2. Dude, ya gotta start playin agn soon.


    1. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Catch me outside


      How bout dat?

  3. You on homeboy?I can make that ass clap.....

  4. I can make that ass clap.....

    1. drdingus


      i cant believe you came back on the same day i did wtf

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      i won't say that we back or nothin, cause that implies that we back from something.

      Edited by Too Fast Tim
      Shit mo gangsta
  5. How bout like say two beam tacos and a jibber on that blood sword?

    1. drdingus


      sorry only accept chickens and jars of marmalade

    2. Too Fast Tim

      Too Fast Tim

      Alright you drive a hard bargain. What's been up brother?

  6. pretty sure this was my event idea <3 <3
  7. B>Hell Laser 50 hit 10 pd

    1. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      I got one, pm if you are interested bro.

  8. Hello , i'm new on ultima , you sell yours mag only for pds ? i've 5 pds /2 pc 5hp mats and 5 pow mats .... and few units .... is that enought ?

    Or how you can farms pds ??

    Thx in advance .....


    1. TripleR
    2. Howitzer


      You dont really farm pds, you farm items and sell them for pds to get pds XD

      Only way imo to farm PDs is world of illusion but you need a team for that quest and its not easy

    3. Julien Thebault
  9. maybe a little sound or something when someone speaks in teamchat, with like a 5 minute cooldown, or an option to keep the little blue blinky thing on until F9 is pressed
  10. :gun:HCl mines are now open!:gun:

  11. B> parts of robochao 5 pd

  12. B> dragon scales 3 pd each, parts of robochao 4 pds each

  13. B>parts of robochao 5 pds

    1. Samy Senju

      Samy Senju

      I think i have, lemme check later.

    2. drdingus


      sweet dude ty! :)

  14. B> parts of robochao, deband 20