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  1. i want to play pso so bad again, but im too afraid it'll destroy my life physically, mentally, and socially again which took me forever to recover D:

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      15 is still a kid.

    3. RudyArana
    4. Nessly


      If you have an inkling it could turn into an addiction, please stay away from this game. It has a tendency to do that to people.

  2. (Off-Topic question) Does a dark blue v-neck go good under a dark grey buttoned up polo with vertical white stripes and black levis skinny jeans sagged an inch low while my hair is spiked up?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Trigunman


      Don't take this the wrong way dewd, but don't waste your time asking for fashion advice here... X^D Because you're certainly at the wrong forum for that! ;^D Regardless, dress however you like and eff the haters!

    3. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      i wear me a pair of jean cut offs with band tees and black skate shoes lol no need to spend so much thought on what to wear. XD

    4. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      but you must ALWAYS...always wear black socks. white socks are so last year :P

  3. "Oh I'm a nerd? Naw breh you're just a dumbass." - Me when I was 12

    1. chrisNL


      me at the moment ^.^

    2. chrisNL


      exept ima druggie instead of a nerd

  4. Persona 4 Golden is the best Pokemon game ever! :D

  5. "Your argument is like the virtual boy, no one gives a shit about it" - My Geometry Teacher to some sophomore in my class

  6. my uncle said that smoking makes you look like you're sucking on a small gentile organ while jerking it off your mouth then spitting a large cloud of semen. O.O

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RudyArana


      Don't be around your uncle when he smokes...

    3. Trigunman


      Yikes... Awkward... Tis the season to be trolling, trolo-lo-lo-lo, lo-lo-lo-lo...

    4. under9000


      this guy has the best updates lol

  7. so my girlfriend was kissing another guy eh? Time to crap on her christmas present.

    1. Mattmatt75


      Dude you shouldn't be talking, you're always the one telling me "How hot my sister is" xD even while you had a girlfriend.

  8. while anime makes me either pissed off, cry, laugh, or smile, and some even teach me the true meaning of friendship...Many american cartoons make me wonder if writers are high on crack

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zeph


      Stop wondering. It's an obvious truth.

    3. R.A.V.S.O


      what would you do if I ever told you there was one point in the golden age of the 80-90's where some american cartoons could achieve true emotion?

    4. oran


      well i know that. that's why i said many, not all :)

  9. Am I the only over one year ultima member that doesn't have a level 200 char? xD

  10. When I first joined ultima, everyone got angry and yelled "Justin Bieber must die!" >.>
  11. some uglyass white motherf**er called me a low-life nerd just because I was playing my PSVita at school waiting for friends to get their lunch from the line. >:OOOOO Bitch! Who's the one in 13 different clubs and 2 sports. Yeah me! O:< RAAAGE!

    1. Zeph


      So you're a low-life jock/prep then?


  12. the black ops wii players suck at zombies -.- I had to use upgraded ballistic knife the whole game up to 37 rounds.

    1. oran


      and i'm always the last one on each round. Shame...and I only had knives and the first non-upgraded pistol

    2. Mattmatt75



  13. making sandwiches using rice balls are fun LIKE A BRAWK :3

  14. Why you no go trick-or-treating? bitch FREE candy comes only ONCE A YEAR O.O

    1. RudyArana


      I sacrificed 666 cats on Halloween.

    2. oran
    3. Nami


      sex with old womans on halloween

  15. why are teen girls with too much make up always the "rude bitch" type?

    1. RudyArana


      Don't deal with them, go for the older women...

    2. Zeph


      ^This one is wise beyond his years.

    3. Mattmatt75


      I heard those too much make up girls talk shit

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