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  1. Will do. I'll edit this post with pics and such tomorrow.
  2. I juwst recently got a rollback on my Ramarl, but I need it reversed. I was playing on it after I got the "????" item glitch, and I'd rather have what I had then than what I had before. I bought a mag from someone, found a couple rares, ect. I got the rollback like a week ago or so. :/ Cheers, Nikosaur
  3. Welcome to PSOBB ultima lass! It's quite fun, and the community is great! I hope to see you around! Cheers, Nikosaur
  4. Shooot. Lemme retransfer my mag back over then, unless that won't be deleted frmo the rollback...?
  5. Luck isn't ever on my side, aha.
  6. All of them are the same thing. It just happened right when I logged back on. All of my items changed to this. ._. Character slot: 2 Time zone: GMT+1 GC #: 42093773
  7. Funny story..... I was poisoned by a flower thingy (in the caves), so I go to use a sol atomizer. When I do, I instantly got disconnected (the message went by so fast, I think it said something bout' the item can't be found or sumthin'). I quickly log back in and rejoin the game I was in. All the items I had before are now turned into "????". They're all weapons, and I can't equip them, and they don't give stats or have a description. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I've never seent his kind of glitch, is it common? Can I get my lost items back? D: Cheers, Nikosaur
  8. Pop em' the ol' 212!

  9. Pop em' the ol' 212

  10. That's rubbish news! D: Hopefully the repairs will fix your KO'ed PC, aha. Best of brit'!
  11. Hrm...ohkay. I ended up making my FO a Pinkal, which I dunno if I'll regret or not. I hear mixed things about it. I think I'm going to go with a Purplenum for my RA. They get some "Snow Queen" and "Spread Needle" which I guess are good guns.
  12. Bahaha, Thanks lads. I shall see you online mister. I expect to see Justin as well if all seem to find their way back.
  13. I just heard that PINKAL's are terrible....great. ._.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Dizzak420


      there is a rumor pinkal gets good techs, i dont think its true

    3. Choko


      It isn't true, though it could be made to be so.

    4. Nikosaur


      Well, I'm not gunna remake my FO now. I'll just have to rely on buying all my stuff if I can't find it I suppose. D:

  14. Thanks for the tips, and the link as well! Very helpful. C:
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