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  1. Will do. I'll edit this post with pics and such tomorrow.
  2. I juwst recently got a rollback on my Ramarl, but I need it reversed. I was playing on it after I got the "????" item glitch, and I'd rather have what I had then than what I had before. I bought a mag from someone, found a couple rares, ect. I got the rollback like a week ago or so. :/ Cheers, Nikosaur
  3. Welcome to PSOBB ultima lass! It's quite fun, and the community is great! I hope to see you around! Cheers, Nikosaur
  4. Shooot. Lemme retransfer my mag back over then, unless that won't be deleted frmo the rollback...?
  5. Alrighty, I'll keep in touch.
  6. I don't have a blueful D; I just have my Pinkal Fonewearl and a Purplenum Ramarl. :x
  7. Luck isn't ever on my side, aha.
  8. Ohhh....alrighty. I guess I'll have to hunt that down then. I don't think I'll have TO hard of a time to find it I hope. 1/9901 from Mericarols. Once I find that HP and one more PD, I'll give you a shout.
  9. Alrighty, thanks for the tip. I'll start looking for MM then, once I can get into ultimate. xD
  10. Bahaha, alrighty. I'll have to find that last PD then, I only got 14. I'll send you a PM or something when I get it.
  11. All of them are the same thing. It just happened right when I logged back on. All of my items changed to this. ._. Character slot: 2 Time zone: GMT+1 GC #: 42093773
  12. I'll buy that mag from you mate. So, DP isn't really an end game thing to use often? It sounded super cool, and looks awesome. Guess I'll just have to stick with using Spread Needle and Snow Queen. *shrug*
  13. Funny story..... I was poisoned by a flower thingy (in the caves), so I go to use a sol atomizer. When I do, I instantly got disconnected (the message went by so fast, I think it said something bout' the item can't be found or sumthin'). I quickly log back in and rejoin the game I was in. All the items I had before are now turned into "????". They're all weapons, and I can't equip them, and they don't give stats or have a description. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I've never seent his kind of glitch, is it common? Can I get my lost items back? D: Cheers, Nikosaur
  14. The mag cell, or the mag itself? If it's the mag, what are the stats?
  15. I just wanted some opinions on which of the guns that has divine punishment. Should I use Heaven's Punisher, Heaven's Striker with the Striker Unit, or that mech gun that has it (some wacky name I don't remember)? This is for a RAmarl if that makes a difference. Also, if I'm gunna use the Striker Unit mag, is it possible to make that a 5/115/30/50? I was looking on how to make it, and I'm nto sure if my plan will work. :/ Sorry for making another thread on mag help. Cheers, Nikosaur
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