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  1. Liked on Facebook. I don't have any of the other sites. Gonna forward it to my cousin who played pso with me back in our teenage years.
  2. So I don't know if this is in the right section to post and sorry if its not. Joined an RT and i didn't realize it untill we were on the first boss but I was grouped with a hucast equipping a dark meteor... screenshots below will show. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/266/c4i.png/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/3lx.bmp/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/u6q.png/ His name is GHOST and ghost, sorry for being a snitch but if you're going to cheat at the game then don't bother playing it. It's not worth it if you cheat. EDIT: Figured you guys might need his guild card number so I went and dug it up out of my chat logs. -- 42092315
  3. PS3 PSN name - Jobitussin ADD ME!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Who here IS banned? =.

    3. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      ps3 all the way. eff the xbox 360 :P

    4. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      ps3 all the way. eff the xbox 360 :P

  4. Welcome. My ingame name is heathcif or variel if you see me ask and ill give you some meseta to get you started and help with your mag raising. if i have any decent weps left ill give you a few of them but idk whats left in my bank. im always giving my stuff away lol but anywho. welcome to ultima
  5. Yea please bring it back lol nerf the drop rates for just that quest because of the amount of mobs but bring the quest back XD
  6. It was turned off way before this event even started lol its been off since around when the easter event ended iirc. its been gone for a lonnnggggg time and i couldnt get a straight answer out of anybody as to why.
  7. This quest went down a few months ago. I've asked why and noone will answer. Almost as if it didn't exist. Only answer i got, and i know its not true, was that it is an event only quest. so can one of you gms clear up why this quest randomly dissapeared please? both of us and im sure more people have probably been wondering why.
  8. I wanted to put something here so I could see it on the side of the page..so...BLAM! Here it is.

    1. Rogue Fatso

      Rogue Fatso

      Ah. My first status update here on ultima. This cherry has been popped. XD

    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Congratulations on finally losing your virginity~!

  9. This happened to me too a while back...go to your profile settings and somewhere in there there is a setting to turn messages and notifications on/off. I don't know why it happens but mine got shut off out of nowhere and I think that's what happened to you too. Just turn em back on in your settings and it will be fixed. I thought it was some kind of ban too when it happened but it's not. Edit: I'm sorry it's not in "Settings". Click your name at the top right of the screen on the forums..when the drop down menu opens click on "Personal Messenger" then a window should pop up saying "Click here to re-activate your personal messenger" and "Community home". Just click "Click here to re-activate..etc" and you should have your mailbox back. I just disabled mine to see how to re-activate it and this is what I did so it should work.
  10. Yeah hate to see you go..i think everyone misunderstood what you meant by what "number post" you have. Are we supposed to putting numbers or just commenting and the order we comment in is our number? anywho if we are supposed to put numbers heres mine. 6 Have fun outside ultima man. thanks for giving me a warm welcome to ultima when i first joined. Peace.
  11. trigun. he's saying create a character>xfer the mag to your mag feed character>recreate the character>xfer new mag to your mag feed character>recreate the character etc..every new character created starts with a baby mag. Alot faster then hunting them from boxes. and also the color of the baby mag is determined by what color outfit you pick for your character when your character i created. its just coincidence that your too character both have orange mags. it means you started thm off in the same color outfit
  12. best place to find em is mines in ep1. not sure if difficulty matters..easiest way to get them is keep making new characters and putting all the baby mags in /bank(which wont bug them anymore, that has been fixed) and then taking them all out on the character you wish to feed them on. Edit: Also if you find them in mines the color will be random. When you make a new character and take the baby mag off of it the color is determined by whatever color you make your character's cloths...this way you can choose the color instead of it being random. XD
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