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  1. five more months and i'm officially teen :D

  2. im back in pso again. but rarely cuz of other things to do.

  3. I hate when during recess, I'm alone minding my own effing business and three hella fat and ugly people start making fun of me for on reason, but when I'm with friends they stay away WTF!!

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    2. Trigunman


      Shallow people think that they can gain popularity and cred at the expense and ridicule of others they deem lesser than themselves. Sadly, the only real thing these kind of people truly understand is usually a boot in the ass.

    3. oran


      I learned how to respect the hard way. In 2nd grade, I was a out of control bully that nearly killed a classmate. Then I got spanked so hard by my parents which never worked. But then I had to talk to a psychotherapist til grade 4. So now, I'm one of those polite, respectful "usual calm asians" in school

    4. chrisNL


      lucky for me im the lovable weirdo so that kind of shit doesnt really happen to me anyway kick those fat peoples asses xd

  4. Is the Wii U worth it if i already have a ps3 and a wii?

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    2. your name

      your name

      the new smash bros game will be crap the one for wii will be the best because you can add custom characters and maps to it

    3. Vazerty


      probably still good for mario kart, zelda and maybe some rpg, like monster hunter and xenoblade ? first nintendo game with HD. All ppl can say what he want, nintendo still nintendo

    4. oran


      Wii U barely has better graphics than ps3 xD just keep wii and ps3. Wait for price to go down and more games to be released. Don't make the same mistake I did which is buying the PS Vita too early.

  5. When I was on the play area in mcdonalds. I saw gamecube PSO. xD Then I went to my friend Justin's house (oran) I saw him and three other girls playing gamecube pso. Then when his friends left. He showed me ultima and gave me directions how to find and install this cuz I don't even know where to search. And then once I'm on, oran (or one of his middle school friends) kept making these annoying "rape" characters and harassing me until my sister saw him online when I was playing and got hella pissed off. Well how I was? I'm a noob and made O_oiio_O and red devil mad cuz I used to beg things from them xDDDDDD but i felt bad after She and red forgave me after they knew I was only like 11 that time and they laughed at me -.- How I reach levels? Well, unlike the people who ttf and rt a lot. Even though when I'm a year old member of ultima, I'm still somewhere in level 130s xD So my progress is very slow cuz all I do is go to random people's games and help them if they're inferior to my char. And goals, I has no goals :c these weapons take so long too hunt that I don't have enough free time. I'm still in grade school. So i'm limit with a bed time up to 8:30 and school from 8:05 to 2:15 and homework takes me like three hours. sorry for my bad grammar and explaining the whole story xD Oh and people I met: Red Devil and a bunch of other peoplez. Over9000, Red idk, and Justin are pretty much people I already knew.
  6. they should make an anime with a war between saiyans and kryptonians xD

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    2. Choko


      Not that I'm picking a side or anything, but on the same token, kryptonians were no more after krypton exploded.

    3. Mattmatt75


      oh. so both planets are gone. if they were both still alive. My opinion would be krytonians even though i hate them so much. they're too overpowered. that's every superman game isn't good.

    4. Choko


      Kryptonians only got powered when they were exposed to the rays of a yellow sun. Their sun was red, so they didn't have superpowers on their planet.

  7. you say you have SWAG which stands for "Something We All Got" and apparently you're sagging your pink skinny jeans backwards down to your knees. I doubt the majority of our society has that smh....

  8. Happy birthday! You're twelve now. One more year you're not a kid anymore :P

  9. I just bought Superman for the nintendo 64 for 10 dollars from a garage sale AND ITS TOO FRIGGIN HARD! >:o IT TOOK ME 4 HOURS JUST TO BEAT LEVEL 1 WTF! RAAAAGE!!!!!!!

    1. oran


      dude that game is easy af xD You just need to get used to the controls especially when you are flying through rings.

    2. RudyArana


      You should try a game called Body Harvest. It's one of Rockstar's early games, but it was one of the best N64 games ever made.

  10. Hi I'm Matt I'm 11, and I like pie @Justin, I never quit and i'm one of those four friends (unless you didn't count me v.v). I just don't play as often as I do. btw: is that pic on the right really you Cuz your gender said male O.O (sorry if i'm hurting you) i miss being red devil's team member D:
  11. the best time to wear a stripe sweater, is (fill in the blank)

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    2. Zeph


      THX MATT! X)

    3. darkdude


      The previous ones were better.

    4. Zeph


      The previous ones were default!

  12. I just realized something about this topic o.o @Treefitty, quit giving negative rep to post that doesn't deserve it -.- No one gives a f*** about any problems you have with them. @Chinamite, i know this is hella late and I dont even know you, good luck in life
  13. they should make a call of duty and dynasty warriors cross over lol

    1. oran


      No they should make a pso warriors. I would love to see a thousand hunters kicking a trillion booma's ass all in one battlefield

  14. f***ing spoiled kids. Today at gamestop, some stupid 9 year old cussed at his mom for buying him a ps2 instead a ps3. So i threw a f***ing Dynasty Warriors 3 game at his head hella hard and ran away.

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    2. King Ra

      King Ra

      i don't think he works there O.o?

    3. Mattmatt75


      i dont wok, im still a kid. but i saw one of the workers laughing though lol

    4. chrisNL


      lol respect xD

  15. Classmate: *Brags about how he so beast in mw3 and gta4* Me: "Oh pfft call of duty. You should be playing games like PSO, Tales of Abyss, Persona 4, or at Least Dynasty Warriors" Classmate: "Those game sound like for gay nerds." Me: "What you talking about? Those are epic Japanese games!" Classmate: "Japanese games are boring and for nerds and have bad graphics. They are too repetive and suckish. They should go back making anime. And Japanese people are nothing...

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    2. oran


      >:o that biatch is lucky i'm only 25% japanese and chinese and 50% filipino or i wouldve kicked his ass!

    3. ajernaca


      Im 100% Filipeno

    4. chrisNL


      i'd pwn him in cod just sayin.....

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